1684053627 Loreen isnt the first to win the Eurovision Song Contest

Loreen isn’t the first to win the Eurovision Song Contest twice: Johnny Logan, “Mr. eurovision’

Loreen isnt the first to win the Eurovision Song Contest

Loreen already knew what it was like to win the Eurovision Song Contest. He did it in 2012 with the Euphoria theme. This Saturday she did it again, this time with the song “Tattoo”, fulfilling the bookmakers’ predictions that put her at the top of the table by a wide margin. But Loreen is not the first representative to win the Eurovision Song Contest twice in the history of the festival. Someone had done it before, and that’s one of the reasons he went by the nickname “Mr. Eurovision” is known. With Loreen’s victory, Sweden also drew Ireland in the total number of Eurovision wins with seven wins each. The two countries top the list of Eurovision winners.

Johnny Logan (Melbourne, Australia, aged 69), real name Seán Patrick Michael Sherrard, is an Irish nationalized Australian singer-songwriter who to date has held the title of only two-time Eurovision winner as a singer. He even got a third chance as a songwriter. Although born in Australia, he moved to Ireland with his family at the age of three and later received dual citizenship. His father was an Irish tenor which meant Johnny Logan grew up surrounded by music. He made his first show experience in 1977 with a musical. Only three years later he won the Eurovision Song Contest for the first time.

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In 1979 he attempted to enter the European Song Festival but fell short at the gala where Ireland chose his representative. A year later the song What’s Another Year? Yes, it would make it to the Eurovision Song Contest. The theme was a bestseller in Ireland and the UK. The festival took place in The Hague (Netherlands) this year and 19 countries took part. Johnny Logan was the clear winner of a gala where Spain placed 12th with the song “Stay Tonight” by Trigo Limpio.

In 1984, Johnny Logan returned to the festival as the composer for “Terminal 3,” which was backed by singer Linda Martin and took second place. He got his second win in 1987. For the occasion he composed and sang the song “Hold Me Now” which made it to number 1 in Ireland, Israel and Belgium and sounded strong in many other countries. On this occasion, 22 countries met in Brussels. Spain took 19th place with Patria Kraus with You are not alone.

But Johnny Logan’s Eurovision tour didn’t end there. In 1992 he returned again to the festival, this time as a composer, with the song Why Me?, which the singer Linda Martin defended again in a final that Serafín Zubiri opened for Spain with Todo esto es la música (he finished 14th ). Location). ).

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