Lorella Cuccarini 180000 euros for Sanremo and drives around in

Lorella Cuccarini, 180,000 euros for Sanremo and drives around in this car: incredible | He hates luxury

Lorella Cuccarini in Sanremo 2024Lorella Cuccarini in Sanremo 2024

Cars are certainly not one of Lorella Cuccarini's vices: despite her important origins, she drives around in this car.

The Sanremo Festival The curtain fell again this year and left the Italians with many beautiful, unforgettable moments. This was the last edition under the leadership of Amadeus, the host and artistic director for years, and his legacy is now looking for a vessel up to the task. Amadeus found happiness not only in his talent, but also in that of those he has placed at his side.

This year, as with other editions, Amadeus never wanted to be the center of attention, but decided to share the management of the event with a few people different guests every evening. On the fourth evening, the one on the cover, she was the co-host Lorella Cuccarini.

Lorella Cuccarini is a woman from Italy, a more than famous name on Italian television countless talents who has been a presenter, actress, dancer and singer in her career. She and Sanremo have a long history, considering that Cuccarini visited the Ariston in all possible capacities: presenter, participant and guest.

It is therefore no coincidence that Amadeus chose someone like her to help him on one of the most attended and popular evenings of the festival. But just as there are enthusiasts and fans, there are also rumors. We immediately started looking fee the dancer for her co-moderation, but the numbers recorded do not correspond to his standard of living.

Cuccarini and cars

Lorella Cuccarini certainly has a place next to her Heritage of no small importance, but the surprising thing is the way this money is handled. On these shores we like to talk about cars and engines in general, so the question spontaneously arises: What drives Lorella Cuccarini?

The question was on the minds of many people who, while researching on social media, found an answer that was both bizarre and funny. Nobody would have expected that Cuccarini could drive such a carespecially because it does not match the figures assumed for his Sanremo fee.

1708131262 582 Lorella Cuccarini 180000 euros for Sanremo and drives around inCuccarini and the unexpected car

That's what drives Lorella Cuccarini

As for the remuneration that Cuccarini received for the work carried out in Sanremo, several people have assumed different figures. There are those who leave 25 thousand eurosa sum equal to, but some even suggest, the wages of other professionals in previous editions 180 thousand euros.

Given such exorbitant numbers, it is surprising to discover that Lorella Cuccarini drives nothing more than a car Minivan the Stellantis Group. This is the French brand Citroën, but the exact model is not known. In fact, the car was featured in a story by Lorella e. viewed from the inside It could be a Citroen C4, a Jumpy Atlante or a Space Tourerwith prices between 38 and 52 thousand euros.

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