Lorella Cuccarini nothing but great love for Silvio Testi In

Lorella Cuccarini, nothing but great love for Silvio Testi: In her heart there is only him, she has always known him iFood

Lorella Cuccarini - ifood.itTrue Love by Lorella Cuccarini Source @Instagram – Ifood.it

Is Lorella Cuccarini really in love with Silvio Testi? Maybe not, because the truth about the showgirl's true love comes to light: let's find out the details.

Dancer, singer and TV presenter, the beautiful one Lorella Cuccarini He never left the spotlight. Today she is 58 years old and has been in a relationship with the television and theater producer since 1991 Silvio Testi.

After more than 30 years of marriage and 4 children, the two of them just seem to be one of the most durable and consistent pairs of show business. Their love was born during the first edition of the program “Fantastico”.

When filming was finished, they and Testi got to work, as Lorella Cuccarini herself saysGo out and go to the cinema. After a while the suggestion marrying him and the showgirl's safe and secure “yes”, but is all that glitters gold?

In reality, it seems like Lorella Cuccarini has always had one one and only true love and that, Unfortunately it's not Silvio Testi. The producer had to confront an obvious truth: let's find out the details.

True Love by Lorella Cuccarini

Unfortunately for the television producer, At the heart of Lorella Cuccarini there is only one thing: fettuccinea very tasty dish that reminds the dancer of a person she loves very much, namely her grandmother Maddalena.

In fact, the showgirl appeared in more than one interview Love for Sunday dinner at Grandma’s This started at dawn and how he taught her how to make fettuccine, her absolute favorite dish to resist the idea of ​​home, family and many beautiful memories.

Lorella Cuccarini Sergio - ifood.itLorella Cuccarini and Silvio Testi together Source @Instagram – Ifood.it

Silvio Testi just has to accept it

We can therefore imagine that this is the case in reality Producer Silvio Testi I can very well tolerate this little “betrayal” of the throat of the TV presenter, who often talks about healthy and wholesome food that can be useful Feel comfortable and find your balance again inner.

Actually not a punishing diet for Lorella Cuccarini, but a healthy and balanced diet This can keep her in shape, especially after defeating the tumor that forced her to have her thyroid removed and subjected her to constant weight changes. A healthy diet but without being too restrictive, as many of her colleagues prefer now over 50also because Lorella Cuccarini really can't resist a good plate of fettuccine.

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