Los Dos Carnales pay homage to Rocio Durcal quottraditionsquot and

Los Dos Carnales pay homage to Rocío Dúrcal "traditions" and this is how it sounds like his style

Los Dos Carnales paid tribute to the song FB/losdoscarnales

Los Dos Carnales audiences were shocked upon hearing the song “traditions” a famous piece in the voice of Rocío Dúrcal, but this time with the style and voice of Quezada brothersthe audiovisual project has reached nearly 100,000 views on YouTube just one day after its launch.

One of the reasons why the two carnal decided to record “traditions” It corresponds to the fact that it is a special part of her memories, since during her early days as a musician it was one of the most requested among her relatives, especially by her grandmother, who always had faith in everything they would achieve.

“My folks, #Customs is on @spotify @spotifymexico’s playlist. New Mexican and Nordic music at heart. Go and listen to us”, on their official social networks, they encouraged people to reproduce the song and give them their opinion on the project, which they carried out with great affection.

Poncho and Imanol Quezada with Kevin Montemayor, Alberto Cabral “El Pariente” and Armando Hernández, all members of the two carnal They’re constantly looking for music that doesn’t go out of style, that’s timeless when it comes to daily happenings, and that’s also free of violence or terrorist attacks, as you might hear it in other ways, but they want it everything turns around..

Los Dos Carnales are currently on tour USAwill be presented for the first time on February 18th at “Microsoft, Los Angeles”, which is one of the most famous venues in this city and which also only visits the big stars of regional Mexican music, which is why they could not be the exception.

In addition to “traditions”Other songs that have become popular in the group’s voice are: “El envidioso”, “I am rich”, “Te vas a repentir”, “El borracho”, “Cabrón y vago”, “Vida Ventajosa”, ” Me vale madre” and “The million dollar question” to name just a few that are part of his extensive repertoire.

The success of Juan Gabriel and Rocío Dúrcal

“Costumbres” was recorded by the “most Mexican Spaniards” in 1978, but the lyrics are by the Mexican idol Alberto Aguilera Valadez, known as Juan Gabriel, who composed the tune, which is now one of the most popular productions and the one on Just like Los Dos Carnales , it has been recorded by dozens of stars who pay homage to their initiators and carry out their various constructions of the single.

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