1706395360 Low priced menus in certain IGAs compete with local restaurants

Low-priced menus in certain IGAs compete with local restaurants

Chalkboard menus, hot dishes, areas with chairs… Several IGA supermarkets compete with restaurants in the area around his business, he noted The newspaper.

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“Our current strategy is not to increase bistro space, but to ensure that this space best meets the needs of our consumers by offering similar products to restaurants (submarines, pizza, sushi, salad, poké) at a better level Offer price,” Anne-Hélène Lavoie, spokeswoman for Sobeys, IGA’s parent company, told the Journal.

“The demand for ready-made products has increased in recent years and we are adapting our store concepts to this growing need,” she adds.

In Blainville, the Girard branch of the family has a bistro that is popular with workers in the nearby industrial area.

At this location, guests can purchase meals for lunch and dinner. A daily menu is also offered at lunchtime. For a price of $15 you get a complete meal.

There are various types of sandwiches and salads in the displays. There are also desserts and various types of coffee. Consumers can eat on site. There are several tables available on two floors.

For the price and the quality

Martin, who owns a ventilation duct company, is a regular customer at the restaurant. He visits the bistro several times a week.

“The prices are competitive and the quality of the food is very acceptable,” he says as he leaves the bistro. I also come here because of the speed of service and variety of products.”

“Due to a lack of manpower, service can sometimes be slower when there are more passengers. There was no need to take my car at this point. I grab things from the supermarket and eat them at my desk.

Not the same profile

The IGA Bistro is just a few steps away from several restaurants on Boulevard Curé-Labelle. Right next door there is a restaurant called Allô mon Coco, which also offers lunch and dinner.

For the owner, the presence of a bistro just a few steps away from his shop doesn't bother him at all.

“Your and our customers do not have the same profile,” analyzes Sherif Amer. Their specialty is not serving lunch or dinner like we do.”

“Your presence has no impact on my sales. Our early bird prices rival their lunch prices.”

Low-priced menus in certain IGAs compete with local restaurants

70 km away, at the IGA in Saint-Basile-le-Grand, on the south coast of Montreal, it says in large letters at the entrance: “Dinner space available”. Photo Francis Halin

Provigo follows suit

Asked by Le Journal about this trend, Metro said it offers a dozen seats in its café spaces and is currently focusing more on its expanded prepared food offering.

As far as Provigo is concerned, we claim to be using the latest concept, which is an integral part of the new and improved ready meal offering.

“This new concept, launching in Kirkland in 2022, combines a fast, friendly shopping experience, a wide selection of local and regional products, and new, high-quality prepared meals carefully created and developed by a team of Provigo recipe developers,” in Partnership with local suppliers,” concludes its spokeswoman Geneviève Poirier.

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