Luan Santana39s exfiancee Izabela Cunha makes a request and sends

Luan Santana's exfiancée, Izabela Cunha, makes a request and sends a message to the couple following the singer's reconciliation with Jade Magalhães

This Wednesday (28), Izabela Cunha, exfiancée of Luan Santana, threw a tantrum after the singer rekindled her romance with Jade Magalhães and declared himself his mistress on social media. The influencer, who has been the target of attacks since the announcement, regretted the comparisons between her and Jade, stressed the importance of “empathy” and sent a message to the “new” couple.

“I didn't want to comment, but I felt like I had to. I have always remained silent, but for the last time I just want to say that I grew up with love and a lot of education and therefore unfounded hate attacks are not normal for me. Today I come here to ask you, who are reading this message, for the best. Convey love, light and peace. The world needs this,” Izabela wrote.

The model also wished Jade and Luan good luck. “I believe that respect is the basis for everything in life! And I respect everyone! I respect Luan, with whom I lived for almost three years and we had many happy moments! I respected the history he had lived with Jade and I have never instigated or wanted a rivalry between two good women and I continue to respect them and wish them to be happy, that I am happy and that you are happy! “, he continued.

“Maybe one day the internet can become a healthier environment again, where everyone just spreads love to one another. I've always had a lot of empathy, and may you practice it too! God enlighten you all,” he concluded.

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Izabela Cunha was dating Luan Santana after the singer split from Jade Magalhães. The countryman announced the end of his romance with Jade in 2020 and began a relationship with Izabela the following year. They got engaged in July 2022, but separated in May 2023. Jade did not enter into a public relationship after breaking up with Luan.

Luan and Izabela got engaged in 2021.  (Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram)Luan and Izabela got engaged in 2021. (Photo: Reproduction/ Instagram) Continued after advertising

In her most recent post, the influencer received comments like: “Luan Santana has no emotional responsibility for anyone and you come here to terrorize the girl” and “Poor thing, imagine you get engaged and the guy goes back to his ex ? “Imagine her head… slutty.”

On X, internet users also mentioned Izabela. “Oh guys, how terrible! He got engaged to Izabela, you know? It took more than two years for the girl to go back to her ex and say, “It was always her.” What a lack of respect and consideration,” one fan wrote. “Imagine having to go and beg her , to stop attacking you over a relationship you're no longer even involved in? “Izabela has a wonderful heart because if she were someone else in her place, the first thing I would do is take advantage of the situation and start stirring up hatred towards both of them and forget about them,” commented another.

It took Luan 12 years to ask Jade for an engagement, it took him 2 years to ask Izabela Cunha for an engagement, and now he's putting it in a statement that she was always, I don't know, a little unstable, right , I couldn't do it, Jade's courage to return to him

Mari (@framari_) February 28, 2024

Life can be difficult, but at least I'm not poor Izabela Cunha who lost two years of her life

Yes (@yasyasyo__) February 29, 2024

Imagine what Izabela Cunha's head must be like knowing she got engaged to Luan and he's going back and forth with his ex of four years 🤡

m (@mycost_) February 28, 2024

If I date a guy for two years, we break up and he goes back to his ex and posts, “It was always her.”
I cut open my stomach and eat my entrails in front of him

— Veronica (@vedoriguetto) February 28, 2024

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Luan and Jade officially celebrated their comeback this Tuesday (27) when they landed together at Guarulhos International Airport in São Paulo. Click here to find out all the details.

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