Luana Piovani cries after lawsuit: “Dagger is stabbed by a child” Splash

Luana Piovani, 46, appeared on Instagram Stories this morning crying. The actress is being sued by her exhusband Pedro Scooby, 34.

She wiped her tears and blurted out: “I think everyone was waiting here for my arrival. […] Okay, I’m crying here in the story. I felt unsafe, threatened.”


Mysteriously, the actress reiterated that she felt insecure, saying she was waiting for another “stab.”in addition to what he would have received from his ex and son Dom, 10.

I think that in addition to this dagger that I received and in addition to this other one here that was stabbed by a child even though she knew what she was doing was instructed to stab her own mother, there is one more coming here.

“I think someone is really trying to pull the rug out of me. I’m talking about a son, a mother’s love, care and responsibility,” he explained.

Soon I, the owner of the circus. You tied me up. Do you know the log that holds the top of the circus tent? They tied me up there and they set the circus on fire. But most of all I believe in God, he takes care of me. There’s no way this won’t come back. It is not possible. Luana Piovani

Despite the outburst, Piovani said he believes in “divine justice” and is waiting for a “little surprise.”. “I have great faith in divine justice, but I confess I am uncertain of human justice. Let’s see what little surprise comes next week. You know, if you can, join the chorus.”

publication of the gift

The 10yearold criticized her mother and supported her father. “I came to say something important. Mom, there’s no point in taking my dad’s sponsors away because some people might be on your side but your kids aren’t. Because we don’t accept lies,” the eldest son wrote on Instagram Stories.

“Please help my father who also wanted to sponsor me. So help my father, I know God will help me. Thank you,” Dom concluded.

The release would reinforce Luana’s “sincere concern” at seeing the children with unrestricted access to the cellphone, the actress’ lawyer says. “With all this, my client only wants to ensure that the upbringing of the children is still consistent with the father,” says Maria Cristina Câmara.

Scooby’s trial

The surfer filed a lawsuit against the actress in January. Weeks after his exwife claimed he failed to pay the agreed child support. In addition to Dom, they are parents to Bem and Liz, 7.

Luana says there are nudes of her on file, but Scooby denies this. “What you have is a printout of her open Instagram profile and this process is fully analyzed so you can be assured that nothing in my processes violates the rights of any woman who exists or has existed in my life,” he said former BBB in an interview with O Globo.