Luana Piovani points out racism in Wanessa39s settings at BBB

Luana Piovani points out racism in Wanessa's settings at “BBB 24” and criticizes Dado Dolabella: “Monge”

Luana Piovani criticized Wanessa's attitude in

Luana Piovani criticized Wanessa's attitude in “BB 24” and even criticized Dado Dolabella.

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Luana Piovani keep an eye on the “Big Brother Brazil 24“. And he has already made it clear that he will not ignore the attitudes of the participants, which he considers to be wrong. Long before Wanessa and Yasmin Brunet were criticized on the Internet for going after Davi on the show, Luana already criticized the act of Zezé Di The participation of Camargo's daughter put Dado Dolabella in the spotlight in her opinion “a criminal” and Wanessa's current boyfriend.

This time Piovani went even further and accused Wanessa of being racist after new speeches against the brother reverberated on the Internet. When Luana posted an article from Hugo Gloss's profile highlighting that Wanessa had said on the reality show that she was suffering from “psychological terror,” she said, “Oh, the poor thing! What a mess!”

“Folks, it is no longer possible to be white these days, despite all our privileges, especially for rich people who are used to seeing black people only in a place of subservience. Imagine how absurd it is to sleep in the same room! This is not possible! Girls in ruins!” he joked about Wanessa.

Luana Piovani criticizes Dado Dolabella: “Zen Buddhist monk”

To top it off, Luana, who has accused Dado of aggression in the past images from a nightclub surveillance camera showed the actor pushing Piovani, his girlfriend at the time criticized the fact that Wanessa said that because she sometimes screams spoke, Davi awakens triggers in her.

“Especially this man who talks loudly. How terrible! Imagine what that doesn't do to the psyche of that sensitive person dating a monk…

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