Luc from If We Loved Each Other shows his big

Luc from “If We Loved Each Other” shows his big heart at Christmas time –

Many people in Quebec know Luc the firefighter thanks to the fourth season of If We Loved Each Other. This one came right in the middle, after the story between Alexandre and Julie had ended abruptly, even if it had never really begun…

From the beginning we felt that Luc had a big heart and was willing to do a lot to satisfy Julie. For a while we believed that love was possible.

Unfortunately, the trip took its toll on this relationship. During a car ride, a heated argument broke out between Luc and Julie, who also had very harsh words for her partner, and it was impossible to continue. Although Luc reportedly upped the ante on this car ride, which was not filmed, viewers continued to cheer him on, recognizing his kindness and desire to do the right thing.

Once again Luc showed his big heart during the holidays. In a video posted on his Tik Tok account, he explains that he received a request from a lady he didn't know, Nathalie. She approached him as a firefighter and asked if he could get his hands on some food baskets for Christmas. She has been battling cancer for years and it is difficult for her and her family to make ends meet.

Luc didn't hesitate for long before deciding to help the lady personally. In this time of abundance, lavish meals and gatherings, we must remember that some people may be less blessed with life.

So Luc went to a nearby store to put together a generous Christmas basket for this lady himself, even going so far as to deliver it to her personally. It is impossible not to be touched by this great initiative by Luc, which could prove to be an inspiration for many of us.

In the video, what you can see hereLuc says: “If there are people around you who you know are struggling or need help, offer them some time, some support.” Sometimes it might not cost much, but sometimes it feels good! »

Of course, this message applies not just during the holidays, but all year round!

Bravo to Luc for his big heart!

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