Luc Senay who stars in several TV series says hes

Luc Senay, who stars in several TV series, says he’s spoiled by life – 7 Jours

At 64, Luc Senay is fortunate to have acted in a variety of roles, both on youth programs and youth programs magic family than in the dramas with 5th rankor even starring in comedies the eye of the storm And Luck. The wind is blowing in the right direction for the actor, who is set to live the van life to the fullest in the coming months.

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For Luc Senay, playing in a youth program like Family Magic is an absolute delight. “I quit playing the National Improv League about ten years ago after participating in it for 26 years. What’s good for me is that this playground (Magic Family) offers me the opportunity to let off steam like in the LNI. It is a pleasure to suggest madness and absurdity. When you act in a drama series, you are at the service of the dramaturgy, which leaves less room for madness.

It was primarily the writing that attracted him to this series. “I thought we were moving away from academic drama, where you absolutely have to learn a lesson. It brought me closer to the universe that sparked my interest when I was very young, that of Sol et Gobelet, where imagination does the rest. I think there’s a nice dose of absurdity in the Magical Family series.” His character, Grandfather Gaétan Coutu, a man who has the power to speak to anything that doesn’t speak, is very sensitive, a travel enthusiast who doesn’t care In season two, currently airing on Radio-Canada, we’ll see him trying to help others, a task that won’t necessarily be easy.

His grandfather character is the opposite of Paul, the grumpy mechanic he plays in 5e rang. “I generally try to be nice, although I’m not always perfect at it, but when I play this role I get paid to be mean and cry all the time. It is wonderful! (laughs)” The actor was also inspired by people in his family. “I work a lot with the memory of the heart to build my characters. I was thinking about family members on my mother’s side. I also draw inspiration from other people I knew well who are no longer alive.” Her inspiration for her role in Magical Family came from elsewhere. “I was a clown as a teenager and Gaétan comes to find my inner clown. He has a form of naivety closer to the red clown, the naive. We can also see Luc in season 2 of L’oeil du cyclone, where Michel is more present than before in the life of Isabelle (Christine Beaulieu) and her surroundings, as well as in Le bonheur sous les traits de Germain, the policeman from the village of Saint- Bernard du Lac.

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Thanks to the projects in which he is involved, Luc Senay reaches all generations, making them laugh and move them. “This is what I’m looking for. I couldn’t play the same character everywhere. When I’m 64, I want challenges.” Even today, he still has the opportunity for nice, varied roles. “I am very thankful for life. During my time at the LNI, people thought I didn’t exist as an actor. But I haven’t acted much on TV, but I’ve acted as an improv actor. It has been very nourishing and has kept me alive. I’ve never waited for someone to call me and ask me to play in something. When I see projects that look interesting I call the people concerned to let them know I’m here if they’re ever looking for an actor in their sixties with white head and guts! (laughs)” He did so for his role in the Mégantic series, produced by Sophie Lorain, Alexis Durand-Brault and Antonello Cozzolino, which will be broadcast on Club illico from February 16th. “I found the series extremely important. It’s an incredible human drama that still exists in the lives of the people who are there. There were suicides after the tragedy. There are bruises, and the train still passes the same place. This series is not ordinary. It’s not just a spectacular series about an explosion in a village. It’s much deeper than that. When I saw that we were producing this, I decided to write Sophie. If she and Alexis hadn’t seen me in one of the roles it wouldn’t have been serious, but I thought it would have been serious that I didn’t communicate with her to show my interest in her. In the series, Luc Senay plays the father of a girl who has just been accepted into medicine.

In May, he and his mistress, director Janie Gaumond-Brunet, to whom he has been dating for 23 years and married for 14, will finally leave the condo they rented for a year in the Cantons-deballast. “We will live permanently in our mobile home. We didn’t want to buy the condo because I didn’t know if I would like it. Ultimately I don’t like it. We are planning to live in the mobile home that we bought.” At the moment the actor is ranked 5th and has just resumed the tour of the play Le loup, which will end on March 18th. “After that, I’ll go with Janie wherever she goes with VR, whether it’s in the United States or Mexico. We’ll even document it.” We can follow her journey live on the Facebook page L’étoile et l’autre. Why such a title? “My girlfriend said to me: ‘You’re the star and I’m the other one!’ It is our company Onze Onze Média that will produce it.” The project will eventually see the light of day as a television documentary series.

Do not miss magic familySaturday 9 a.m., on Radio Canada, 5th rankMonday 8 p.m., on Radio Canada, the eye of the stormMondays at 7:30 p.m. on Radio Canada and LuckWednesdays at 9 p.m., on TVA.
To know the dates of the tour of the play Le loup.

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