Luca Daffrè is the new Tronista of men and women

Luca Daffrè is the new Tronista for men and women

Sunday, February 19, 2023 10:17 pm Roberto Mallò

Awaiting the decisions of Federico Nicotera and Lavinia Mauro, a men and women A new Tronista is here, already quite familiar to the audience of Canale 5, and that in the coming months Luca Daffre looking for love on the dating show hosted by Maria De Filippi.

Luca Daffrè is 29 years old and originally from Trento. He has courted in the past Teresa Langella And Angela Nastibut it was not chosen by either Tronistas and was part of the tempter of island of temptation. However, last year he took part in theIsland of the Famouswhere it took second place Nicholas Vaporidis. He has a degree in Motor Science; however, he decided to focus his life on his greatest passion, which is music, which is why he is a DJ.

I’m looking for a girl with values ​​and goals in life. Don’t let it be superficial and don’t base everything on looks. In my life I happened to meet like this. I like determined girls with character On the other hand, I don’t like those who believe, those who are a bit arrogant. I especially struggle with jealous girls. The more you weigh me down, the more I try to escape, to escape. I hope this is the right time, don’t let me out of here this round either.

Luca said in his presentation video where he spoke of the deep bond he feels with his parents, especially his mother who unfortunately had health problems and needs to protect herself. Luca describes himself as ambitious and stubborn, because “until I do something well, I won’t give up”. He was romantically linked Oriana Marzolicurrently among the competitors of Big Brother VIP.