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Luca Daffré, the new Tronista of men and women: you already know him Contra Ataque

Luca Daffré, the new Tronista of men and women: you already know him

Men and Women’s new Tronista is an old acquaintance from Maria De Filippi’s program: all about Luca Daffré and his experiences on television

Luca Daffré, the new tronista of men and women, and for those who know the dating show broadcast on Canale 5 and who are passionate about reality shows, his name is not new at all. He was born in 1995, is 29 years old and comes from Trento. He works as a DJ, but as he also said in the presentation video published on the official social networks, he was a former swimmer and then started his career as a model by moving to Sydney in 2015. The graduate sports scientist is passionate and active in all areas related to fitness and physical preparation: sports that require a lot of dynamics are particularly important to him. After returning to Milan, he made his mark in the fashion world through some important collaborations, posing for Armani and Dolce & Gabbana, among others, and later taking part in a Fedez video. However, Luca Daffré, new Tronista of Men and Women, is a decidedly familiar face for the programs of Maria De Filippi, in fact, his television career began in 2018 as a tempter on Temptation Island, an experience that then opened the doors for men and women. In fact, the Trieste DJ has already taken part in the dating show as an admirer and twice. The first Tronista to court was Teresa Langella, who however chose Andrea Dal Corso instead of Luca Daffré. The following year, he reappeared on the Canale 5 broadcasting parterre, this time wooing Angela, who needed to be fed. Also in this case the attempt with the Tronista is unsuccessful, opting for Alessio Campoli, who has returned in this edition to woo Lavinia, after the same girl asked the production to contact him because he already had it for the Time of his participation was attracted by the boy. The decision to offer Luca Daffré a place as Men and Women’s new Tronista was not well appreciated on social media, as many users complained that the DJ was coming back to the dating show and especially because he was from a another experience on canale 5 had returned less than a year ago. A choice that the majority of fans of the program did not like, who see the arrival of Luca Daffré as a hot soup that will not offer anything to the program.

Luca Daffré at L’Isola dei Famosi

For Luca Daffré it is therefore the third participation male and female, but this time he will be the new Tronista after twice donning the role of suitor. But the DJ and model is also famous for being part of the cast of L’Isola dei Famosi in the 2022 edition. His entry didn’t happen immediately but in a reality show that was already underway when four new castaways were added . Luca Daffré landed on the island along with Marco Maccarini, Gennaro Auletto and Pamela Petrarolo. Thanks to his athletic ability, he immediately managed to assert himself in the tests that competitors had to face during the 99 days of the reality show, often the leader was nominated six times, but with tenacity he managed to conquer the final. However, televoting yielded nothing against Nicolas Vaporidis, the winner of this edition with Luca Daffré, who took second place. Also on the occasion of his adventure on the Isola dei Famosi, there was talk of his special tattoo on his chest, which he has already analyzed several times in his other TV appearances. In fact, Men and Women’s new Tronista has a tattooed deer that covers its entire chest, a large and relevant design that was probably chosen by Luca Daffré because it represents courage and noble spirit.