1676676136 Luca Onestini against Ivana Mrazova Everything lied he lied blatantly

Luca Onestini against Ivana Mrazova: “Everything lied, he lied blatantly”

Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

Luca Onestini and Ivana Mrazova are at odds with Big Brother Vip. The competitor did not like some of the model’s statements about her: “She lied blatantly”.

Luca Onestini against Ivana Mrazova Everything lied he lied blatantly

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Big Brother VIP 2022/2023

In the house of Big Brother VIPare also in dispute Ivana Mrazova And Luke Onestini. The latter does not accept that his ex-girlfriend has publicly accused him of not being by her side during a very difficult period in her life. Both unloaded on Oriana Marzoli and the other competitors of the reality show.

Because Ivana Mrazova has agreed to meet Luca Onestini at GF Vip

Ivana Mrazova confided in Oriana Marzoli and Daniele Dal Moro. The model explained that she didn’t enter Big Brother’s VIP house with the express aim of reconnecting with her ex-boyfriend Luca Onestini. In reality, she saw the suggestion to go indoors as an opportunity to have a mature conversation with him about the issues that led her to break off their relationship:

It wasn’t my goal to come here and back with him. I believe in destiny a little bit, since we broke up a year and a half ago and we only saw each other once for a few hours in that year and a half, I know I have things inside me. When they called me I thought it would be a good opportunity for the two of us to meet up again and work this out. But I thought a little more mature.

The breakout of Luca Onestini

While Ivana Mrazova affirmed: “If you talk in a mature way, you can build, but with him it’s impossible,” Oriana Marzoli went to the interview with the person concerned. He advised Luca Onestini to take the time to talk to Ivana Mrazova, listen to her thoughts and confront with her the issues that are causing her to distance herself. In the last few hours, Ivana has accused Luca of not being by her side during a very difficult time dealing with the loss of her father. Therefore, Onestini threatened legal action and repeated to Oriana:

Clash in the GF between Oriana and Antonino, he in front of Daniele: “Why don’t you tell our story?”

It’s not the truth that I wasn’t close to her. If you tell such a blatant lie, to me you are… I’m not mad, but I’m just saying that you take responsibility for what you said. The truth is different, you lied openly. It all seems out of place.