Lucas Pasin BBB 23 Manoel criticizes Gabriels game and comments

Lucas Pasin BBB 23: Manoel criticizes Gabriel’s game and comments on Leifert’s pin Splash

He wasn’t selected to enter the BBB 23 house, but he got all the bonus of being an “exBBB”, with the right to fans, presence in VIP areas of events and advertising on the networks. Manoel Vicente, who lost to Gabriel Fop at Casa de Vidro, wants to become a mental health influencer:

I integrated myself into this world of entertainment and the internet in order to be able to work better professionally. It’s time to socialize and go places I haven’t had access to before. I’m in a world I didn’t know. I’m still getting used to this position of having fans and people who like me even though they know little.

The psychiatrist from Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, while still incarcerated in the Casa de Vidro, had the supporters “against” Tiago Leifert, who made videos in which he said he preferred Gabriel. On Sunday, after Tadeu Schmidt scolded him for the toxic relationship between the model and Bruna Griphao, Manoel provoked the former reality host by saying he wanted “his opinion” on the issue.

I made that statement because he immediately defended himself for Gabriel and against my entry into the house. I don’t expect him to really take a stand, he doesn’t have to and is no longer involved with the show.

Waiting for Thiago Leifert’s opinion

Manoel Vicente (@OManoelvicente) January 23, 2023

Still in the interview for this column by syringesManoel says what he would do differently to Gabriel at BBB 23 and analyzes the game of his former opponent:

Gabriel’s game reports “What bothered me about Gabriel, and he keeps it on the BBB, is his game and behavior. He criticizes people behind their backs, has opinions when they don’t listen and aren’t there to defend themselves. He creates judgements , before he knows.”

Game vs Real Life “We can’t extrapolate perceptions of how a person behaves on a reality show to how they’re behaving out here in real life. But I, as a life principle, would not change my behavior out here just to gain a reality show. Some values ​​are greater than any competition.”

What would you do differently if you were Gabriel “It would make a smarter game with more strategy and that wouldn’t make me a target of the house in the first week. It would also have a game where I was focused on that rather than developing a couple, a relationship , right at the first party. Wanting to be a couple and being on the BBB for a love affair doesn’t work. That’s historical in the program. I would make a game that would advance me without burning me out or getting me annulled in a relationship even more because it is toxic and inappropriate.”

Tiago Leifert’s opinion “Tiago realized that I was smart, that I was the face of the BBB and very nice, but the fact that Gabriel was single and handsome would put him ahead of the game. Those very qualities being single and handsome brought Gabriel into a relationship, a toxic and abusive relationship. Tiago was in a very similar situation presenting the BBB. It would be interesting to hear his take on this episode. I was curious, but I don’t demand or expect him to speak.” .