Luciano Huck causes climate pie when he asks Marilia the

Luciano Huck causes ‘climate pie’ when he asks Marília, the first eliminated at BBB 23: …


Marília was eliminated with 52.7% of the vote in a wall with Fred Nicácio

Photo: Playback/TV GloboPhoto: Playback/TV Globo

O Luciano Huck received on stage Sundaythis Sunday (12), the first three contestants eliminated from the BBB 23: Marilia Miranda, Gabriel Tavares It is Tina Calamba. But a question from the moderator got the first one out of the way reality, Mariaembarrassed by the situation.

The journalist first asked how many times the makeup artist signed up to take part in the show: “How long have you wanted to be part of it Big brother Brazil?”. The makeup artist confirmed that it was an old dream: “Boy, since I was young. I really always dreamed of getting in Big Brother‘ replied the firstBBB.

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Then he asked another question, but it seemed to go away Maria awkward: “But what was it like wanting to enter through one door so badly and go through another so quickly?” huck, which made the audience and guests laugh. With a muffled laugh, the blonde explained, “It’s a mix of emotions because I’ve dreamed so much… I signed up for three years, I was selected for the second year in a row, but it’s the realization of a big dream. I already feel like a champion, I already feel like a winner just for being picked to be there,” she said. The presenter, too, was embarrassed at the moment and began to agree Maria.

Maria participated in a wall that was not conventional. Divided into two parts, first the audience voted on the choice of the duo that would go to one secret room and then voted to decide between the two people who were in the Secret Room who would be permanently eliminated from the program and who would return to the house. With 52.7% of the votes Maria was eliminated and her duo, Fred Nicocioreturned home with the benefit of watching many brothers talk about the game.

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