1682003798 Luis Miguel between the striking physical change that sparked speculation

Luis Miguel: between the striking physical change that sparked speculation and his next tour dates

The musician went down;  20 kilos and speculation about his diet were not long in coming

The musician lost 20 kilos and speculation about his diet was not long in coming

It’s a great day for Luis Miguel. In addition to celebrating the arrival of 53, the singer also made a big announcement: the dates of his tour.

Starring the song published on his official Twitter account, the tour will start in Buenos Aires on August 3rd, 4th and 5th. Later he will sing in Santiago de Chile on the 21st, 22nd and 23rd of the same month. The tour also takes you to several American cities: Las Vegas, Anaheim, San Diego, Los Angeles, Ontario, Phoenix, Palm Springs, Chicago, Indianapolis, New York, Miami, Tampa, Boston, Washington, Newwark, Belmont Park, Oklahoma, Hidalgo, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin. Shows are also offered in the Mexican cities of Monterrey, Mexico City, Santiago de Querétaro, Aguas Calientes, San Luis Potosí, León, Puebla, Oaxaca, Veracruz, Morelia and Guadalajara.

Aside from the joy the announcement caused among his fans, some recent images taken by the paparazzi somehow had the same impact as the news of his upcoming tour, since the sun of Mexico He was considered to be very thin and it wasn’t long before versions surfaced of how he achieved such a drastic and rapid change in his appearance.

In the photos in question, he was standing with his partner, businesswoman Paloma Cuevas, at the exit of an airport as they headed to the Spanish city of Marbella on holiday. The relationship seems to be solidifying and according to reports the couple have stayed in the La Zagaleta urbanization, an exclusive spot in the city where the singer owns a very luxurious and imposing property. Before boarding the plane, the artist was caught by flashing lights and it was noticed there that he was very thin, sparking a wave of versions about grooming his appearance.

Luis Miguel surprises with his infamous much thinner appearance

Luis Miguel surprised with his notoriously much thinner looks

According to some Mexican media, the sun would have lost 20 kilos as a result of an intermittent fasting diet, and what he declared in Spain in 2015 was recalled in a testimony collected by the prestigious El Hormiguero program. “People don’t understand the extent to which obesity is a disease. Giving this information is disturbing and people don’t know it. I’ve been fasting intermittently for 36 hours; It worked for me, but it’s not recommended for everyone.” the artist had said in a testimony that became relevant in the last few hours.

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The practice of intermittent fasting has more than one variant: 14 hours of fasting for 10 food intake, 16 for 8, or 20 for 4; and even alternate days: two days yes and five days no. According to the bibliographic review conducted by a team of nutritionists, it was concluded that fasting is no better than dieting or so-called healthy eating. Likewise, fasting can have side effects such as lack of energy and headaches, among others, so strict follow-up care by professionals is recommended.

Luis Miguel and the mysterious message he uploaded to your social networks

Luis Miguel prepares for an important announcement

Amid comments about his drastic weight loss, Luis Miguel is preparing to officially announce his return to the stage. “I hadn’t spoken to him in three years, I only spoke to him a month ago. He just wanted to tell me that he is preparing and that he will come with everything in 2023,” said the Bremen businessman in September last year, raising great expectations.

Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas were friends before they started a relationship

Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas were friends before they started a relationship

Who is Paloma Cuevas, Luis Miguel’s new partner?

One of the most refined women in Spain, Paloma Cuevas is a fashion designer, daughter of bullfighter Victoriano Valencia and flamenco dancer Paloma Díaz. One of her most enduring relationships was the one she formed with bullfighter Enrique Ponce, to whom she was married for 26 years and had daughters Paloma, 14, and Bianca, 11. Cuevas and Ponce were very close friends with Luis Miguel’s ex-partner Aracely Arámbula, so they shared moments together.

After a crisis could not be overcome, Cuevas and Ponce divorced in 2021 when the Now You Go singer was dating model Mercedes Villador. Then a rumor had circulated that the artist was going to propose to her and that he had already bought the ring. Shortly after, however, he was spotted with cuevas, causing a real surprise.. Immediately, a friend of the music star came out to downplay what was happening.

Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas have already spent their Easter holidays together.  The couple were joined by Paloma's daughters.  Another step that shows how good your relationship is

Luis Miguel and Paloma Cuevas have already spent their Easter holidays together. The couple were joined by Paloma’s daughters. Another step that shows how good your relationship is

“It’s normal, isn’t it? After all, you have relationships with people who are close to you, they haven’t looked for people in another country or anything like that, no. They are comrades and lifelong friends. I’m friends with both of them on separate sites. In the end, I can neither cheer nor criticize,” Rafael Herrerías commented on the unexpected romance that led to a smooth relationship, as confirmed by recent pictures of his family outings.


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