Lula39s international travels already include more than 7 trips around

Lula's international travels already include more than 7 trips around the world

At the end of the trip through Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, in which a few days ago he fulfilled schedules with the likes of the dictator Nicolas Maduro (Venezuela), President Lula is approaching completing seven trips around the world in international kilometers. All paid for by the taxpayer, of course. In the first few months of this year alone, 29,800 km have already been traveled as the crow flies between the airports where Lula, Janja and their ever numerous delegations land.

In the first year of government, Lula spent so much time outside the country that his absence damaged the PT member's image, an impressive 62 days.

Big cars, luxury hotels… The “lavish couple’s” expenses amounted to at least R$70 million in 2023 on international travel alone.

If the boss doesn't care about expenses, it matters even less to the employees. Travel by federal employees this year already amounts to R$60 million.

There is no danger that Lula will end well this year. The PT list includes Uruguay, Paraguay, the USA, Russia and Azerbaijan.

Lula lands in Egypt with First Lady Janja (Photo: Ricardo Stuckert/PR)

Elmar Nascimento (UniãoBA) is Lira's favorite to succeed Photo: Luis Macedo/Câmara.

Planalto boycotts the name Lira in his own succession

Lula appointed ministers to publicly contradict and even deny Planalto's influence on the succession of Arthur Lira (PPAL) at the head of the Chamber of Deputies. However, in practice this is not the case. The leader of the Civic Center, Rui Costa, former governor of Bahia and “trans” political organizer, vetoed the support of MP Elmar Nascimento (UniãoBA). He even signaled this position to Lira in a meeting last week. It is a community fight in Bahia: Elmar and Jerônimo (PT), the governor, are not fighting against each other.

Elmar is an opponent of the PT in the state, but PT members do not forgive him for his loyalty to Jair Bolsonaro, whose ally he was and for whom he sought votes.

During the carnival, Elmar was even welcomed by Jerônimo for lunch at the Palácio de Ondina. But only because he was with Lira and other MPs.

The tour in Ondina was a gesture by Arthur Lira to honor and strengthen Elmar and discourage hostilities. If it persists, Planalto could lose.

Power without shame

Bandstand performed

The story is well known in Minas Gerais political circles. In the 1950s, the municipality of Muzambinho received a message from the state agency for the protection of historical heritage: in view of the protests that reached Belo Horizonte, the municipality was warned that the square's old bandstand was considered “of historical interest”, and that too A commission would go there to dismantle it. The mayor responded with an urgent telegram: “Unnecessary from the Commission. Since it was about to collapse, I ordered the bandstand to be dismantled.”

After so many taxes and government attacks on those who produce, the outflow of foreign capital from Brazil in the last twelve months has already reached R$17.4 billion, revealing a loss of investor confidence.

“People who have financial difficulties in purchasing land display iPhones with values ​​between 8,000 and 14,000 reais,” notes deputy Sóstenes (PLRJ) when he sees the devices of MST members.

One of the main stars of União Brasil, Senator Sérgio Moro (PR), only holds the position of deputy in the new national executive committee elected last week in Brasília.

The Brazilian banking association has spoken out against the late Labor Minister Luiz Marinho, who wants to put an end to the looting on the FGTS anniversary. The restriction limits the employee's options, the company says.

quote of the Day

“Lula will eradicate transport via apps”

Eduardo Bolsonaro (PLSP) predicts a catastrophe in the “regulation” of the service

Rodrigo Pacheco (PSDMG) expects the tax relief nonsense to finally end this week. The problem lies in the social security rates of the municipalities, which the government does not want to lower.

The TSE banned the use of “deepfakes,” images manipulated by artificial intelligence, in elections. The issue is not included in the electoral law, which theoretically can only be changed one year in advance.

This month marks the ninth anniversary of the start of major protests calling for the impeachment of PT member Dilma Rousseff in 2015. The March 2016 protest is considered the first to surpass Diretas Já's actions.

In an interview with the “Diário do Poder” podcast, Senator Carlos Viana (PodemosMG) criticized the position of Lula (PT) and his government regarding the confrontation between Israel and Hamas: “Instead of saying that the problem is with lies with the terrorist group.” [Lula] decided to attack the Israeli government.”

… “Election” in Venezuela is fake news.