Luttwaks prediction quotFrom there the new Russian offensive will comequot

Luttwak’s prediction: "From there the new Russian offensive will come"

times for a negotiated in between Russia and Ukraine they are not ripe yet. Edward Luttwak believes that there are no conditions for pursuing a diplomatic plan at this particular stage of the conflict. According to the political scientist, everything could be decided later, after new developments, probably after aRussian offensive. At this point the scenario becomes clearer. Also to sit at the negotiating table.

Luttwak’s words

“The Russians can’t lose and the Ukrainians can’t lose”: That’s how Luttwak summed up what’s happening in Ukraine in an interview with Qn. Consequently, the time for negotiations is not yet ripe and will be “after the next developments” like “a new Russian offensive”. Which, according to the analyst, may not happen eastern front but “on a different front”.

“I assume that the Russians and maybe the Belarusian allies, they will come down from the north. Aim: to cut ties between Kyiv and the rest of the country,” Luttwak speculated, adding that in this way the Kremlin troops “will also be able to block or impede military supplies coming mainly from Poland.” .

The future of warfare in Ukraine

Luttwak continued his argument by stating that the Russian President Wladimir Putin He will not try to capture the Ukrainian capital again. “You know that Kyiv it would become a new Stalingrad, but with parts reversed. The Russians would be the besiegers and no longer the besieged,” he clarified.

As for sending the new ones weapons (especially the Leopard and Abrams tanks), the tanks arriving at the Ukrainians “will be too few to be used in an offensive function”, the expert emphasized, drawing a parallel with the Second World War. “I would like to remember the experiences of the Second World War. German tanks supported the invasion of Europe for nine months, then became a defense for four years,” he said.

Finally, there are those who argue that Moscow can go to the last resort, and that is using thenuclear weapon. The political scientist is not afraid that Putin will consider using this prankster, because “he would not have the military apparatus behind him”. In view of a possible fall of the Russian leader, Luttwak could take his place, “someone eager to break away from the most unsuccessful military adventure since the defeat in Afghanistan.”

Concluding comments on the recent corruption incidents involving some senior Ukrainian officials, the political scientist clearly stated: “All countries are more or less corrupt and I don’t think Ukraine is more corrupt than Italy”.