Lutzerath coal mining area clashes between activists and police

Lützerath coal mining area: clashes between activists and police

Status: 01/02/2023 2:42 pm

During preparations for the evacuation of the lignite village of Lützerath, there were clashes between activists and the police. Activists reportedly threw fireworks, bottles and rocks. In the meantime, the situation calmed down.

There were clashes between police and climate activists outside the coal-brown village of Lützerath. The activists threw firecrackers, bottles and stones at the police, reported dpa news agency reporters at the scene. After that, the situation initially calmed down again. The police then withdrew.

Michael Heussen, WDR, on the early evacuation of Lützerath

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Climate activists took a stand behind a burning barricade on the access road to Lützerath. “The police announced today that they will clear the barricades we have set up to protect the village,” said Julia Riedel, spokeswoman for the “Lützerath Lives” initiative. An activist from the “Last Generation” alliance had his left hand tied on the access road. Another activist was sitting on a tripod.

evictions during the month

A police spokesman said the evacuation from Lützerath was not planned for Monday. If necessary, however, the access roads would have to be cleared so that the power company RWE could drive their construction machines through. As announced by RWE, three secondary roads near Lützerath have been permanently closed.

An evacuation from Lützerath is planned for January. The district of Heinsberg published a general ordinance prohibiting people from staying there. If this eviction is not complied with, the order provides the basis “to take evacuation measures from January 10”, according to the district.

According to their own statements, the activists who already live there, who among other things also keep a permanent vigil, occupied previously prepared blockade points and also called for sit-ins on the access roads. Image: dpa

The land is owned by RWE

Lützerath, located southwest of Düsseldorf, will be dredged for coal extraction. However, activists who want to fight for the place live in the houses whose former residents have moved. They see no need to dig up and burn the coal.

Land and houses belong to the energy company RWE. He announced that the use of Lützerath this winter was necessary to ensure the safe supply of power plants in the midst of the energy crisis.

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Michael Heussen, WDR, Daily Topics 11:10 pm, Jan 2, 2023