1676894921 Macarena Olona in Lo de Evole Silence Silence I said

Macarena Olona in “Lo de Évole”: Silence! Silence, I said!

Macarena Olona in Lo de Evole Silence Silence I said

In 1927, The Jazz Singer, the first commercial feature film with dubbed sound, became emblematic of the transition from silent to talkie; In 2023, the conversation between Jordi Évole and Macarena Olona initiated the transition from the audio interview to the silent interview. The program began with a 48-second fixed shot of the public prosecutor involved, Liv Ullmann, in persona and determined its tone.

There are eloquent, expressive silences, just as we listen to deserted, languid speeches every day. However, they were not his. Although Olona admitted to not being able to prepare for the interview, it is impossible not to understand each of her gestures as something learned. The silence for an answer. This minor tone of a lady who has accused many of playing the role of victim and who now sighs Spain and silently admits, as if trying to emulate Rocío Jurado in front of Jesús Quintero.

He staged the fall from the horse suffered by other ex-Vox politicians when, on leaving, they discovered there were racist, xenophobic, homophobic, sexist members in their exformation. Who could have imagined! Allegations of embezzlement and certain rowdy Twitter forces who may be inside the party are being resolved in court. For everything else Mastercard.

He said if he returns to politics he will do it for Granada. Cry like a woman, what you as a man could not defend, the old Macarena would have said to the new one. The new one would silence her when Bernarda Alba hit: “Silence! Silence, I said!

His speech may be true even if it seems implausible. Just as there are bad victims (who don’t stop being victims), there are unreliable narrators even when they tell the truth. When a magician reveals his tricks, and she has done so by explaining how she dismantled Bolaños or Marlaska in Congress, the problem is not that future tricks lose interest, but that the magician loses interest. As Los del Río would say: Oh, Macarena.

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