Macron says he wants to defeat Russia without the country

Macron says he wants to defeat Russia without the country being there "crushed" Power360

The French President said Ukraine must launch a military offensive to destroy the Russian front.

French President Emmanuel Macron has said he wants Russia defeated in Ukraine, but without the country being “crushed”, according to Le Figaro newspaper. The statement was made on Saturday evening (02/19/2023) as the French head of state left Germany after attending the 59th Munich Security Conference.

Macron said it was necessary for Ukraine to “lead a military offensive that destroys the Russian frontline to trigger a return to talks” but he didn’t think either country could “fully prevail”.

“I want Russia to be defeated in Ukraine and I want Ukraine to be able to defend its position, but I am convinced that it will not be completed militarily in the end,” stressed Emmanuel Macron.

Still on the war in Ukraine, the French President said he did not agree with Russia being attacked on its own territory.

“I don’t think, like some people, that we should aim for a total defeat of Russia by attacking Russia on its own soil. Above all, these observers want to destroy Russia. It was never France’s position and it will never be our position,” he said.

In conclusion, Macron claimed that he did not believe that the war between the countries would end with a democratic solution. “I really want that, but I don’t believe in it,” he added.