1707937235 Madame Web review Dakota Johnson as an effective spider woman

“Madame Web” review: Dakota Johnson as an effective spider woman

Madam Web With Dakota Johnson, Tahar Rahim and Sydney Sweeney it's more Morbius or more Poison? Answer…

Spider-Man was developed by Sony in so many iterations that the studios that had held the rights since 1999 created Sony's Spider-Man Universe (SSU), which despite a few flops, the most resounding of which was Morbius with Jared Leto, in particular was profitable. Madame Web is therefore the first derivative feature film of the year – we're entitled to Kraven the Hunter on August 30th, followed by Venom 3 on November 8th, both part of the SSU.

“Madame Web” review: Dakota Johnson as an effective spider woman

Dakota Johnson at the premiere of the film “Madame Web” on February 13 in Mexico City. MEGA/IF

Directed by SJ Clarkson, a director known for her work on various television series including Game of Thrones, Dexter and Marvel's Jessica Jones, of which she is an executive producer, Madame Web is intended as an introduction to this comic book character, an “origin.” story,” as the Americans call it. We follow Cassandra Webb (Dakota Johnson) as she tames her newly emerging powers.

But Madame Web is something more than that. Of course, the exploration of her first powers – she can “see” the future – leads to some masterful scenes from SJ Clarkson, also co-author. And just as the choice of Dakota Johnson proves to be a wise one, that of Tahar Rahim as villain Ezekiel Sims and in the black Spider-Man costume also lives up to expectations, with the French actor – here looking somewhat South American – having the good mix of physical Efficiency and worrying cold.

The narrative is simple: In his dreams, Ezekiel is killed by three young women and he sets out to find them. Julia (Sydney Sweeney, much less sexualized than usual, which is a good thing), Mattie (Celeste O'Connor) and Anya (Isabela Merced) are therefore relentlessly pursued, while Cassandra comes to their aid and in the process discovers the origin of his brand new powers .

Favoring car chases and more traditional stunts over the usual heavy special effects scenes that Marvel has accustomed us to the point of indigestion, SJ Clarkson strives to make her four heroines as human as possible, banking on us identifying with them can be caused by various basic situations – including puberty or the absence of a mother.

Some moments stand out from the usual, especially Ezekiel's electrocution through the use of a defibrillator or the cleverly interspersed glimpses of Cassandra's future. Without ever trying to reinvent the wheel at the expense of indigestible special effects, this Madame Web remains honest, simple and effective entertainment.

Madame Web will be weaving its web on screens from February 14th.

Rating: 3 out of 5