quotMaddie McCannquot wanted manager Vorarlberg

"Maddie McCann" wanted manager Vorarlberg

In November 2019, the alleged “Maddie” contacted “1st Place Models” agency head Dominik Wachta. Vorarlberger had recently founded his agency with offices in Madrid and Miami. Wachta responded to the young Polish woman’s request on Facebook with a refusal and advised her to turn her back on haute couture and try her hand at advertising.

Wachta has been friends with the young woman on Facebook ever since and has read her desperate attempts to prove to the world that she is Maddie McCann. Wachta cannot rule out whether Julia is really Maddie McCann, as he writes in a press release. As the parents agreed to take a DNA test, we’ll surely know more soon. “But if it was just an act to become known I would find it very unpleasant, let’s hope the best for everyone.”