Maddies alleged family breaks their silence

Maddie’s alleged family breaks their silence

Polish Julia Faustyna claims to be the kidnapped British girl Madeleine McCann. Julia’s family is now commenting on this.

The family of Polish Julia Faustyna, who claims to be Madeleine McCann, kidnapped in Portugal about 16 years ago, has broken their silence and denies that Julia is the missing British woman. According to the family, the 21-year-old suffers from mental health issues. The family urged Julia to stop her “lies and manipulations”.

The family was “devastated” and suffering from media attention. “It is obvious to us as a family that Julia is our daughter, granddaughter, sister, niece, cousin and adopted niece. We have memories, we have pictures,” the family said in a statement from Missing Years Ago.

“She doesn’t take her medication regularly”

“Julia also has these photos because she took them from the family home along with the birth certificate, in addition to numerous hospital discharges,” the statement continues.

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“We’ve always tried to help her get back on her feet. Julia has been of legal age for a few years now. She left home, refuses treatment, doesn’t take her medication regularly”, said the family members.

Facial analysis refutes allegation

Behavior analyst Patricia Staniek teamed up with forensic consultant Shariq Reza to compare photos of Madeleine McCann and Julia Faustyna. According to Staniek, the visual comparison reveals several differences: “The two girls have different ocular distances. The eyebrows also have a different shape”, explains the behavior analyst. Also, Julia’s nose in the photos is narrower than Maddie’s.

The nose shape of the two girls is also different. Christian Fehrlin, owner of the company AVA-X, which specializes in identifying people using artificial intelligence, comes to a similar conclusion: “Our facial recognition software showed almost 90% that Julia is not Maddie.”

Family receives threats

The family also claims that Julia was motivated to keep the story alive by the attention her allegation garnered her. “Julia once wanted to be a singer, a model. She always wanted to be popular. What’s happening now is that she has a million followers”, says the family.

She also fears that intense reporting will follow her daughter until the end of her life. “The internet never forgets,” says Julia’s family. The family also suffers from media attention. Since then, she has been covered in threats.

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