1679978440 Madness on the plane open the hatch before takeoff and

Madness on the plane: open the hatch before takeoff and jump off the slide

The accident, fortunately without serious consequences for the other passengers, occurred on a Delta Air Lines flight from Los Angeles to Seattle. “What do I do now?” the man asked as the plane prepared to take off, then opened the door.

Madness on the plane open the hatch before takeoff and

A morning of ordinary madness for a company passenger Delta Airlines: last Saturday one of the aircraft doors while the plane prepared for takeoffLos Angeles Airport toward Seattle.

The crash of Delta Flight 1714 occurred around 10:40 a.m. local time while the plane, a Boeing 737, was parked at LA International Airport, California, according to the Federal Aviation Administration. The man then drove down the emergency slide onto the runway, where he was immediately arrested.

The FBI and the Los Angeles airport police have launched an investigation to find out the causes of the crazy act

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According to the LAPD, the passenger walked up to a flight attendant as the plane headed for the runway and asked, “What do I do now?”. But when he was told to return to his seat, he ran away and opened the plane door under the eyes of the other amazed passengers, activating the escape slide of the plane.

The pilots stopped the plane immediately. The passengers were then evacuated and put on another flight, but the accident caused a delay of about 3 hours in departure Seattle.

“We apologize for the inconvenience – Delta Airlines wrote in a note – Customers have been rebooked on a new flight.”

was among them Gillian Shelton, who also filmed the moments of the arrest. He told CNN how it all happened in a matter of moments:

Nobody had time to react. When you see these scenes on TV you always think about what you would do, but honestly it was so fast that there was no way to react. Luckily it didn’t happen in the air, otherwise the result would have been different.”