Maduro39s government orders the withdrawal of the UN High Commissioner39s

Maduro's government orders the withdrawal of the UN High Commissioner's offices in Venezuela

The government of Nicolás Maduro has suspended the activities of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights mission in the country established in 2019, accusing it of being a “private law firm” of “coup plotters and terrorists.” This comes after the arrest of the human rights activist was announced. HH. Rocio San Miguel.

The Chancellor Yvan Gil announced the decision of the Venezuelan Government, which includes the expulsion of the staff of this Technical Advisory Office, who must leave the country in the next 72 hours.

The announcement follows the “deep concern” expressed by the High Commissioner over the arrest of Venezuelan activist Rocío San Miguel, a Maduro critic and accused of “terrorism.”

Maduro39s government orders the withdrawal of the UN High Commissioner39s.webp

High Commissioner for Human Rights. HH. The UN Secretary-General is deeply concerned about the detention of activist Rocío San Miguel. Photo: @UNHHumanRights/X

“This decision is taken due to the inappropriate role of this institution, which, far from presenting itself as an impartial entity, has led it to become the private law firm of the group of coup plotters and terrorists who are constantly conspiring against the country “,” Gil said.

The suspension will remain in place “until they publicly correct their colonialist, abusive and United Nations Charter-violating stance before the international community,” the Chancellor added.

The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights. HH. In Venezuela

The Technical Advisory Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights He settled in Venezuela in 2019, when former President Michelle Bachelet held that post.

Its main task is to “support the effective implementation of the recommendations” in the reports submitted by the High Commissioner to the Human Rights Council. Since 2019, there have been at least six reports on the situation in Venezuela.

Gil noted that the government “will conduct a comprehensive review of the terms of technical cooperation described in the agreement signed with this office in the next 30 days” and ordered “that the personnel assigned to this office leave the country leaves.” in the following 72 hours”.

Before leaving office in August 2022, Bachelet said she saw progress on human rights in Venezuela but that there was still “a lot of work to be done.”

His successor, Volker Turk, visited Venezuela in January 2023, when it was agreed that the office would continue to operate for two more years. During his stay, he encouraged authorities to release all those arbitrarily detained and insisted on taking measures to end torture.

The Commissioner also met with various sectors of civil society and government authorities and addressed complaints about extrajudicial killings. However, he said access to some detention centers in the country was restricted.

Gil clarified that Venezuela “will continue to cooperate with the Office of the High Commissioner in Geneva.”

Venezuelan human rights organizations such as Provea condemned this government decision, which “reinforces the lack of protection of victims in the face of abuses and attempts to prevent oversight by international bodies.”

    Rocío San Miguel is a human rights activist in Venezuela.  Photo: AFP

Rocío San Miguel is a human rights activist in Venezuela. Photo: AFP

What happened to activist Rocío San Miguel?

Rocío San Miguel is director of the NGO Citizen Control, which records cases of human rights violations against civilians and military personnel. He is also an authority on armed forces matters.

She was arrested on February 9 while preparing to travel abroad with her daughter, who was also detained, but was released on parole.

Prosecutors accused her of “treason,” “terrorism” and “conspiracy,” linking her “directly” to an alleged plot to assassinate Maduro.

Her ex-husband, retired Colonel Alejandro José Gonzales, was also arrested on suspicion of “disclosing political and military secrets.”

Her two brothers and her daughter's father were also arrested, but were later released.

The United States and the European Union, as well as the UN human rights office, expressed “deep concern” about the case.

“If it is concerned about the human rights of Venezuelans, the first thing it (the U.N. office) must do is work closely with the national government,” said Gil, who referred to the mission as the “hemiplegic office.”

“Think only on one side, on the right side, on the side of the extreme right, only protect people who have tried to not only undermine the constitutional order but also provoke widespread violence in Venezuela,” he added .

With information from AFP.

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