Magaly chanca Yahaira after being rude to her reporter Your

Magaly ‘chanca’ Yahaira after being rude to her reporter: ‘Your career is ruined’

Without mincing words. Magaly Medina Nothing was silent and attacked Yahaira Plasencia for making a strong man Cheat on your reporter at a radio station.

And it is that the popular “urraca” pointed out that the gravy boat did not want the presence of her team, knowing that they would “destroy” her due to the break in work she had recently Sergio George; whereupon the driver pointed out that “her career had long since been destroyed”.

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“What’s the problem? A little more on a leash because he said: ‘They’re going to destroy me because of Sergio George.’ Are we going to destroy you? Her career is already destroyed and we don’t have to work together anymore.commented the character from ATV, quite outraged by the behavior of the singer.

With that in mind, Magaly suggested that there are many salsa women today who have supplanted the popular “Reina del toto” and have far more talent than her. “I saw that with the divas from yesterday, but Yahaira Plasencia? An artist who’s been playing in the tournaments lately and there are salsa singers who have already supplanted her and have a greater musical presence.”he added.

That was not all, however, as Medina made the radical decision not to share the report of the breakup that he had before him Yahaira and the renowned American producer did not want to give him more space in his program.

Why isn’t Sergio George working with Yahaira anymore?

the gravy boat Yahaira Plasencia surprised his followers by announcing his professional split Sergio George. It should be noted that speculation arose that the producer broke his contract with the singer because he was going to work with him Thalia.

“I think today’s Yahaira can walk alone. “I want to experience new things, new sounds,” said the Peruvian artist, denying any animosity with Sergio George. “I spoke to him because we had a little laugh at everything that was said, but everything was fine with Sergio.”