Man dies after parachute fails while jumping from building in

Man dies after parachute fails while jumping from building in Thailand check

In the images, he can be seen pointing at the camera, equipped with a helmet with a camera attached, which he inspects before the jump. Images of the scene published by Thai media show emergency teams on the street shortly after the jump, surrounding the blue parachute lying on the pavement.

In addition to being a base jumper, Odinson was also a skydiver and posted pictures of his exploits on social media. A The Facebook page has 10,000 followers.

According to authorities, the parachute he was using failed to open after he jumped from the top of the building and he suffered a free fall until he hit the ground hard. The friend was even questioned by police, the Thai newspaper The Nation reported.

The parachute he jumped with malfunctioned and did not open as expected. Forensic investigators continue to investigate the case and examine the equipment used by Odinson.
Kamolporn Nadee, deputy investigation inspector of Bang Lamung District Police Station

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Nathy Odinson, a British base jumper, tragically fell to his death from a skyscraper in Thailand due to a “simple” parachute error. His brother Ed Harrison revealed that?

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