Man fatally hit by car An accident that could have

Man fatally hit by car: An accident that could have been avoided

A 20-year-old young man died while walking in the middle of Carmel Boulevard in Trois-Rivières on Sunday afternoon.

Trois-Rivières police said they received statements from witnesses to the accident who mentioned that the person tried to hold on to the doors of two passing vehicles.

Dangerous behavior that a second driver was unable to avoid, resulting in significant injury and death. Did he have the wherewithal to attempt such dangerous maneuvers?

According to TVA Nouvelles sources, the pedestrian was admitted to the emergency room in the hours before to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. He then managed to escape from the facility where he was being monitored and stormed out onto the street.

Information that the CIUSSS does not want to confirm, adds that it did not register any outliers, neither in the emergency room at the end of the week nor in the psychiatric ward.

The driver was also taken to hospital to be treated for nervous shock.

Police investigations are currently underway to clarify the causes and circumstances of the 20-year-old man's death. Could it have been avoided? This emerges from the report of the medical examiner responsible for the case.