Man finds snake in sink at late aunts house It

Man finds snake in sink at late aunt’s house: “It didn’t seem real”

A Briton got quite a shocking surprise when he visited the home of a recently deceased aunt. A ghost? No, they don’t exist at all! A snake lived in the sink of the residence.

Paul Lawrie is 53 years old and lives in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland. Together with his daughter, he went to a routine inspection at the home of a deceased relative on the 7th and was surprised.

He initially thought the 4foot (1.2 m) snake — identified as the corn snake (Pantherophis guttatus) — was a forgotten toy. But he soon realized that nature had really invaded the deceased’s home.

Paul discovered this in the bravest way: he touched the reptile and waited for a reaction.

“My daughter asked me why my aunt had a toy snake in the sink. It didn’t look real, so I touched it, but then I knew it was real,” Paul said in an interview with the Daily Record tabloid.

To solve the problem, he called the animal welfare association, who quickly removed the snake from the apartment.

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