Man jumps on hood of car to stop Rolex thief

Man jumps on hood of car to stop Rolex thief in failed sale on Facebook Marketplace – NBC New York

The meeting to sell his Rolex watch seemed like all of Steve Mauro's other Facebook Marketplace sales until things suddenly changed.

The Massapequa man had arranged to meet a buyer near his home Friday morning to sell the watch for $8,000. Mauro told News 4 he has used the social media platform many times to sell cheaper items.

“I listed the matter, I got an answer straight away and the guy negotiated, which they never do when they're scammers. He negotiated, I thought I had a real deal here,” Mauro said on Saturday.

He said the man, whose name was listed as “Jhon,” asked many questions and planned to meet Mauro at his home around 11 a.m. The personal conversation didn't raise any alarm signals until the man was ready to pay and invited Mauro into his car.

“He was like, 'Jump in the passenger seat.' [seat].' “He said it so casually,” Mauro said.

The Massapequa man had opened the door and found it locked, so he immediately ran to the driver's side.

“I opened [the door]“He then tried to close it and then he put it in reverse and that knocked me to the ground,” he explained.

As this happens, a Nassau County police officer on patrol drives down Jerusalem Avenue and sees the gray Honda backing up, knocking Mauro to the ground.

“I picked myself up, jumped on the hood and then he took me for a ride. I was thrown onto my front lawn and thrown off the hood of the car. I told the police officer, 'Get the guy,'” Mauro said.

Police are now searching for the Honda, which may have had Connecticut plates.

Mauro's message to others selling items online: Don't be afraid to ask for the money up front and always be on your guard.

“I probably wouldn’t do such large items from home. That was probably my mistake,” he said.