Man risks his life riding a bicycle on the Miami

Man risks his life riding a bicycle on the Miami highway

Some Cubans took in a man who risked his life Riding a bike on a highway from Miami.

The images were taken on a busy freeway that appears to be the I-95 Express near Ives Dairy Rd in North Miami-Dade.

the cyclist video It was published by the Somos Farándula TV Instagram profile in December, but continues to be shared on social networks.

The recording caused astonishment among Internet users because of the risk involved cycle on these high-speed roads. You can see how the man gradually changes lanes until he strays off the road.

in this fact no death was reportedbut the cyclist committed behavior that endangered his life and that of other road users.

in May 2022 Two Cuban cyclists died as they cycled through it Rickenbacker Viaduct of Miami that connects the city to the city of Key Biscayne.

The bodies were identified by Miami Police Departments. The deceased were Yaudys Vera49 years old and his partner Ogniana Reyes46, both natives of Matanzas.

A few days ago, video of an elderly man riding an electric scooter went viral on social media. The strange thing about this case is that the man left Driving in the wrong direction on a freeway from the city of Okeechobee, Florida.

The fact sparked a big debate on social networks about the dangers of this behavior on the road.