1676664384 Man tries to rape her at the gym but she

Man tries to rape her at the gym but she reacts and blocks him, the shocking video: “Never give up”

The images of the videos from the surveillance cameras of a gym in Florida, USA, were released by the police with the permission of the same victim, who therefore decided to share his dramatic experience to help other women.

Man tries to rape her at the gym but she

A girl working out alone at the gym, a man walking in and quietly approaching her, and moments later He attacks her and tries to rape herThe horrific images are surveillance camera videos gym in Florida, USA, released herself by Hillsborough Police with the consent of the victim who therefore decided to share her dramatic experience to help other women after she managed to scare off the attacker by responding to the attempted rape.

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“My advice is never give up. As long as you don’t give up when you show him that you’re strong, that you’re capable of reacting, surviving and getting out of the situation, I think it’s possible,” advises 24-year-old Nashali Alma wanted to give something to all women who are in the terrible situation that happened to her last January.

1676664379 549 Man tries to rape her at the gym but she

Footage released this week by the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office is dated Jan. 22 and shows the 24-year-old opening the gym door for a man she believed wanted to work out, who later identified as Xavier Thomas by local law enforcement. Jones. The man walks away and doesn’t seem aggressive at all until he approaches Alma and grabs her.

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“As soon as he walked up to me, I said, ‘What the hell are you doing?’ Get away from me. The footage continues to the actual attack and it shows Alma runs from him, hits him and hits him with a phone in her face as he forces her to the ground. A reaction that caused the man to give up and gave the victim time to escape. Authorities arrested Thomas-Jones hours later. Court records show he has been charged with kidnapping and sexual assault and is now being held without bail.