Man who attacked judge returns to court in handcuffs and

Man who attacked judge returns to court in handcuffs and 'Hannibal' mask

Man appeared masked after attacking judge on another occasion | Photo: Reproduction/YouTube/Las Vegas ReviewJournal

The man who threw himself at a judge who wanted to convict him Last week he appeared in court again in the United States (8), but for security reasons he appeared handcuffed and wearing a mask similar to that of the character Hannibal Lecter.

In his new Las Vegas court appearance, Deobra Redden was handcuffed, his hands covered with long gloves, he wore a rigid mask to prevent bites and a hood that barely allowed his eyes to be seen.

Redden was also surrounded by several officers as he arrived at the courthouse to hear the sentencing by Judge Mary Kay Holthus, whom he attacked last week.

The attack was captured by internal security cameras and quickly spread across social media within hours.

When Holthus declared that he would rather send him to prison than grant him parole, Redden made an impressive leap across the lectern and lunged at Holthus, whom he attacked before being restrained by several men in the room. One officer was injured.

On Monday, Redden returned to court to hear the sentence, which Holthus said was not changed by the attack.

“I will give the court my calendar page from that day as evidence,” said the judge.

“This was planned since I was here before this happened. The punishment I wanted to impose has not changed.”

The judge ordered a prison sentence of 19 to 48 months.

However, Redden now faces additional charges in connection with the attack, including coercion, extortion, intimidation of a public official by threat of violence, disregard for the safety of a person resulting in serious bodily harm and seven counts of bodily harm to a protected person.

The defendant was scheduled to appear last Thursday to answer these new charges, but refused to leave his cell.

The Las Vegas Review Journal reported that a court order Friday said Redden must “in any event” be brought forward for Monday's hearing. (AFP)

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