Mantua had to close social profiles after the episode of

Mantua had to close social profiles after the episode of “4 Restaurants”: “I can no longer sleep full of hateful comments.”

Ekla Vasconi is a restaurateur from Mantua who took part in the Sky 4 restaurant program. Since the episode aired, she has had to close her personal social media profiles, while Tripadvisor temporarily obscured Rigoletto's profile, which she maintains, due to too many negative comments. The restaurateur was targeted by many social media users for her attitude during the episode, which was recorded just a few days ago. “I behaved so badly that I seemed evil and like a viper, a side of me that doesn't distinguish me in everyday life. If I were like that, I couldn't do this job. I got carried away,” she also admitted, although she took into account that she was simply taking part in a competition program designed to entertain the audience. He certainly couldn't imagine that the television experience would turn into a nightmare: “I haven't slept a wink for days. Since the episode of 4 Restaurants aired, I have been receiving constant hate comments. They even attack the photo of me and my son. I was forced to close all my social profiles.

Meanwhile, the Tripadvisor page was hit with negative reviews: “Arrogant and annoying,” “a restaurant you don't frequent,” “her husband should fire her,” “I won't go to this restaurant.” A crescendo of hatred and verbal violence that then worsened and rang some alarm bells due to some similarities with the case of Lodi restaurateur Giovanna Pedretti. «Customers who know me have not left me because they know what kind of person I am. The attacks came from those who didn’t know me,” commented Vasconi. The other three restaurateurs who took part in the episode of the popular Sky show led by Alessandro Borghese also came to his aid. “We recognized what was happening and the serious impact it had to the detriment of a person who, like us, only took part in a game.” “Attacks on a personal and family level are misplaced, exaggerated and wrong,” explained Sciko Saccani of Giallo Zucca represents everyone.

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