Maple Leafs Risen from the Dead

Maple Leafs: Risen from the Dead!

The Leafs had a lot on their conscience after their dismal performance in the first game of the series against Lightning. Criticism and ridicule piled up on social networks. People with fertile imaginations lapsed into cynicism.

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In particular, there was a photo on the Facebook page of the Hockey Beast site. We see four security guards controlling an amateur in trouble in the stands.

Safety gloves force a spectator to remain seated to watch the full length of Game 1 of the Lightning-Leafs matchup.

Admit it’s funny!

Unless you’re a Toronto team fan.

That’s how the Leafs liked it for two days.

The media did not enter their place.

First take! headlined Wednesday’s Toronto Sun in large black.

It was as if the leaves were already on the brink of death.

Have to say that after five first round eliminations and one qualifying round loss during the COVID 2020 tournament six years from now, there’s enough to be fatalistic.

It needed an electric shock

The Leafs had to react strongly to turn the tide in their favor, and they did on Thursday night. They gave the Lightning their own coin by taking a three-goal lead in the first section.

The Florida team had a jolt in the second period by closing the gap to two goals. But the effect didn’t last.

The Leafs responded with three goals in less than five minutes to put the game out of reach for the Lightning. The audience gave them a huge ovation at the end of the middle period, they having booed profusely two nights earlier.

It’s the law of sport.

You can go from zero to hero and hero to zero with a snap of your fingers.

When will Hedman return?

Winning Lightning’s Game 1 could cost him dearly. Star defenseman Victor Hedman was not in the lineup Thursday night after playing just one period in the opening game.

His injury must be painful and uncomfortable given the pain tolerance level of players in the playoffs. The 32-year-old veteran shouldn’t be out for too long. A Norris and Conn Smythe Trophy winner who plays nearly 24 minutes a game is irreplaceable.

The Lightning will need him sooner rather than later, otherwise they will have a hard time surviving without their experienced defender.

However, this loss does not detract from the merits of the leaves. Neither team would have beaten Sheldon Keefe’s troops in that second game. The Leafs were cheered. They knew they couldn’t take a second loss before heading to Tampa.

They would have run to their loss.

Their front row players were there.

Captain John Tavares scored a hat trick. Defenseman Morgan Rielly had four assists. The tireless Mitch Marner scored two goals and collected an assist. Auston Matthews was involved in two goals and Ilya Samsonov didn’t get too much pressure at the net.

On the ligntning side, Corey Perry once again deserves a high mark.

How come the old Canadian regime let him go?

Les eaux seront plus agitees pour le Canadien lan prochain