1676901743 Mar do Sertao Deodora tries to win back Pajeu and

Mar do Sertão: Deodora tries to win back Pajeú and asks the Jagunço about “ulterior motives”; Villain will be…


The villain is going to visit her ex lover’s house

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After causing and using terrors in Canta Pedra Pajeu (Caio Blat) to answer your malicious requests, deodora (Débora Bloch) wants to win back her exlover. In the next chapters of Mar do Sertão, the villain will go to the jagunço’s house to make a request.

“Go back to town, come back? Come back to me,” the mother begs speak (Renato leaves). As if it wasn’t enough Evening (Thardelly Lima) at her feet, Deodora will show that now, after so many events, the most important thing is to have Pajeú back.

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However, the jagunço resisted the provocations of his mistress, refusing the invitation and leaving Deodora helpless: “I will no longer return to this cave of Vespertino, my boy”, her father dismisses. cirino (Theo Matos). “I miss you,” Deodora will plead again.

However, it is worth remembering Pajeu resist the game of seduction deodoraHe made his love for the colonel’s exwife clear again and again. Such was his obsession with the villain that he has already answered several malicious requests from the vixen, all to get her what she wants.

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