1676814493 Mar do Sertao Tertulinho meets Noe Dantas shot fired accidentally

Mar do Sertão: Tertulinho meets Noé Dantas, shot fired accidentally and tragedy…


The arrival of the mysterious character in Canta Pedra will advance the final section of the storyline

Tertulinho and Noé Dantas  Image: Reproduction/GloboTertulinho and Noé Dantas Image: Reproduction/Globo

In Sertao Seathe arrival of Noah Dantas (Marcelo Adnet) in Canta Pedra will bring great events. Although the outsider is still an enigmatic figure in the story, everything indicates that he poses a major threat to the world deodora (Deborah Bloch).

When she first sees him in the area, the shrew despairs, which means she knows the investigator from a bygone era and that he is somehow a problem for her. The villain will be so desperate that she will ask her exhusband for support Colonel Tertulio (José de Abreu) ​​​​and also to Pajeu (Caio Blat), her exlover.

> Deodora Image: Reproduction/Globo

However, with so much confusion, so it will be speak (Renato Góes), who will face Noé. After finding out that her mother is being pursued by the mysterious The lawyer will bump into the boy. However, the outcome could be fatal.

According to NaTelinha, The confrontation between Tertulinho and Noé will end in tragedy. Unaware that the stranger is armed, the lawyer goes after his rival and a shot eventually hits one of them. According to the portal, Noah is the one who gets hurt and dies soon after. Deodora’s son will despair as he never had the courage to kill anyone himself.