Marc Anthony These will be the 6 siblings his son

Marc Anthony: These will be the 6 siblings his son will have with Nadia Ferreira

Puerto Rican singer Mark Antony has announced that he is expecting his seventh child, the fruit of his relationship with his new wife, Nadia Ferreira. The pair have been the subject of much congratulations from friends and colleagues, but have also revived attention to the singer’s extensive offspring since the 1990s.

Among the older brothers of the new Son from Mark Antony His eldest daughter, Arianna Muñiz Rosado, is the product of the singer’s relationship with Debbie Rosado. Arianna is 29 years old and has an adopted older brother, Álex ‘Chase’ Muñiz Rosado, from Debbie’s previous relationship with someone else.

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On the other hand, Mark Antony He is also the father of Cristian and Ryan Muñiz Torres, children from his relationship with former Miss Universe Dayanara Torres, and Emme and Maximilian Muñiz López, the twins he had with his ex-wife, also a singer Jennifer López.

Despite the age difference between Mark and NadiaThe new baby’s older siblings have welcomed the new addition to the family with open arms, with the exception of Arianna, who didn’t attend the wedding and is rumored to disapprove of the age difference between her father and his new wife.

Of all the older brothers, Ryan is considered the most fashionable with his unique style, tattoos and curly hair. On the other hand, Cristian is known for his penchant for drawing superheroes, while Emme and Maximilian are the twins of To mark and Jennifer Lopez, have been very close since birth, although they have different personalities. Emme has shown interest in following in her mother’s footsteps as a singer, while Max leans more towards acting.

Despite his numerous descendants Mark Antony He has always tried to maintain a good relationship with all his children, including those he had from previous relationships, raising them with love and devotion. Now, with the birth of their seventh child, the Muñiz Ferreira family is expected to continue growing and consolidating their union.