1667483619 Marc Dupre enjoys working in his distillery with his children

Marc Dupré enjoys working in his distillery with his children

Marc Dupré, who is approaching his 50th birthday, continues to drive at 320 km/h and there is no question of him slowing down. He’ll be bringing out the book in a few days Aperitif with Marc Dupré, in addition to producing a variety of products with its Cherry River Distillery. He even finds time for a new tour and will soon be back in his red carriage seat The voice.

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Marc, how are you now that you can finally restart the machine at 100%?

I feel very good. I’m in better shape than ever and ready to restart the machine. Without knowing it, with the pandemic, we’re putting some things aside and I’m finding all of that little by little. Resuming the indoor shows and working with my musicians again is doing me a lot of good. I’m starting to move again in my life and in the businesses I love.

Was this break necessary for you?

A little yes. The pandemic caused this break, but at the same time, I realize I needed it. Thanks to Star Académie’s animation, I was able to work a little more, which was a big challenge because it’s very different from what I usually do. I was less concerned with the candidates than with La Voix and I found that difficult. Usually, after La Voix, I work on the music, on albums with certain candidates. At Star Académie, my mandate was different and I really had to adapt. But it was a great experience! Otherwise, I’ve been working a lot this summer developing products for my distillery, and it’s taken a lot of my time. But since I’m glad to get back in my boots as the guy doing the scene. life is beautiful

How did this distillery project come about for you?

Honestly, it happened through the back door. I’ve always been interested in mixology and at some point I wanted to create my first vodka with my partner and agent; it started like this. I’m an enthusiast and we came into play at 200 an hour. What also made the difference is that in this project we are surrounded by our children. It’s really a family affair and my son Anthony is very interested in it. He works in our company. It allows me to spend time with him, chat with him, see how he’s developing. As proud as I am of the company, I am just as proud that my husband is involved in this project. It’s a great family outing! Everything went very quickly, but we also offer quality products from Quebec! My daughter works in sales, her boyfriend does too, and so does my little son. We are a fire team!

Marc Dupre enjoys working in his distillery with his children

Dominik Goin

You must be a happy father to work with your kids like this!

So much! And I’m not surprised to see their dedication, because if there’s one value I’ve wanted to pass on to my kids, it’s that you have to work hard to get results. You cannot be successful with talent or luck alone. you have to work hard What I also like is that they push us to go further. They are energetic and enjoy taking part in our family projects. We’re a great team. My daughter Stella does the tastings and she loves it. Right now we’re not even 1% away from what we want to do; We have many ideas and dreams.

Does your wife Anne-Marie also work in the company?

Yes. Among other things, she is our official taster! (laughs) She really likes Quebec gins and has tried them all. Basically, she was what got me into it. She was crazy about gins and gradually it became a passion. My daughter Stella and youngest son Lenny work in social media development.

1667483604 721 Marc Dupre enjoys working in his distillery with his children

Dominik Goin

How do you manage to juggle the stage, the music, the animation and this company?

I have boxes in my head and divide everything up. I can divide my days into small boxes. I like to work very early in the morning and spend an hour with the team in my office. Also, Francis, my partner, is also my manager in life. So it’s easy since we handle all these files together. Also, I try to spend time with my family, which is easier now that my kids are grown. My youngest is 17, he has his license and we play golf together. It’s important for me to take the time to live in all of this whirlwind.

And how did the idea for your book come about? aperitif?

I wanted to share recipes for cocktails and snacks for all kinds of aperitifs with people. This book also contains tips for budding mixologists. And because there’s a story behind every spirit, there’s a bit of history in this book, including that of our Cherry River Distillery. Mixology has become a passion for me because I’m really into it. I love having people around me and making cocktails.

1667483606 910 Marc Dupre enjoys working in his distillery with his children

They are also presenting a new show soon…

Yes, and it will be a brand new show. There will be new and old songs. I will also tell a lot about myself, talk about my music, but also about my family, my passions, my life. I have so many stories to tell after a 30 year career! Everything happened so fast and I still love my job as much if not more than 30 years ago. I’m lucky, I’m grateful, and I’m a little freaked out because I’m in a good phase of my life. I have a job that I love, I have an extraordinary wife and I have a great family life.

Were you the father you thought you were?

To be honest, I’m proud of myself as a father. I’m very complicit in my children, I’m a bit of a daddy hen too. I have great respect for them and learn so much from them. They are now three young adults and each has their own personality. Our communication is very good, even if we are sometimes stubborn. I’m still her father! (laughs)

Thirty years of career, what does that mean for you?

I never thought that I would have such a career. Not long ago I saw a photo of me from 1994 performing for Celine Dion at the Olympia in Paris.
My name is on the awning, just below Celine’s. I got tears in my eyes when I came across this photo because I was so young. I had next to no stage experience apart from a few bars and now I was performing in Paris at this mythical venue. I had memories every night it was crazy!

1667483609 687 Marc Dupre enjoys working in his distillery with his children

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Where exactly has the copycat gone 30 years later?

The connection I still have today isn’t with the impersonator or the comedian, but with dreamy little Marc, who always had to fight to earn a spot to do that job. I had times when it didn’t work at all and I often pissed myself off. I’m very proud of how far I’ve come and of the man I am today. I’ve got a lot more tools, but I’m still the passionate, dreamy little guy I always was. I’ve worn a mask for a long time: I’ve hidden behind my imitations, behind the voices of others, instead of using my own. I didn’t think I was strong enough, big enough, big enough, and talented enough to do this on my own. I have
So I thought for a long time that if I was successful in this job, it was because I used Bryan Adams’ voice, or who knows who else, and not mine. I’m a hyper anxious, emotional and sensitive guy. Luckily, I surrounded myself with people who knew how to get me out of my shell and who kept me at a distance, like René Angélil, my manager, and my family. That took the mask off and allowed the singer in me to take his place. I had bypassed my job as a copycat, I had to create differently.

What made you decide to try your luck at singing?

I needed to be close to my family. My first son had just been born, I wanted to be at home more often and not go on tour all the time. The first song I made in my life was Voyager vers toi. I haven’t even played the guitar and learned six chords. I put the six chords in this song and then I had the chance to meet Nelson Minville who quickly managed to understand who I am. That first song was exactly for my son, to whom I said, “I can’t stay, I must remake the world, fix it for you, and at the end of my journeys, there is only you.” I wanted to feel good about something instead of borrowing the voice of others. My wife Anne-Marie encouraged me to do this. I owe him a lot.

Anne-Marie and you, how long have you been together?

We are celebrating 22 years of marriage and were together five years ago. I was a big romantic and dreamed of a lifelong love like the one I have now. I consider myself lucky. I didn’t think a girl would put up with me for so long because I’m very scared. I’m the questioning type, and my girlfriend brings me back to my X. But I have many other qualities. (smile)

You are 49 years old. How are you living the arrival of the fiftieth?

I live it very well because I’ve never been in such good shape. I’ve lost weight, exercise a lot and eat well. I’m really having a good time in my life.

1667483611 734 Marc Dupre enjoys working in his distillery with his children

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You take with you The voice this winter. What does that mean for you?

It’s such a great gift to be able to do this again and get my coaching seat back! For me, the role of the coach is not necessarily to win someone over to my team. My role is to get someone to do that job and help them by giving them the background that will allow them to continue after that. It’s a big adventure and this year I’m with three new coaches. With Marjo, Mario Pelchat and Corneille it will definitely not be boring. I can’t wait to get started on this!

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The book Aperitif with Marc Dupré, published by Éditions de l’Homme, will be available in bookstores from November 9th. To learn more about the Cherry River distillery and products: cherryriver.ca. To know the dates of his new show and his other activities: marcdupré.com. The voice will be broadcast on TVA this winter.

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