Marc Labreche offers to meet his longtime accomplice Anne Dorval

Marc Labrèche offers to meet his longtime accomplice Anne Dorval –

Next Tuesday, May 16th, Marc Labrèche offers himself – and therefore also us viewers – a reunion with his friend and longtime accomplice Anne Dorval as part of his show “I come to you”.

The duo have collaborated on several projects, including the unforgettable comedy The Heart Has Its Reasons, which has long since achieved cult status. As you can imagine, the complicity between the two artists hasn’t faded over time, they still look at each other with just as much tenderness and friendship. The actress also calls her alter ego “Marco,” an affectionate and touching little nickname.

It was with such joy that we had the opportunity to attend this meeting in person when we were invited to attend a recording of “I come to you” at his Montreal studio. Around the round table, next to the guest Anne Dorval, we found the irresistible Fabiola Nyrva Aladin (our crush on the chakras of Matthieu “Pépito” Pepper), Élise Guibault (also a tall blonde) in excellent shape, a tall blonde friend of Anne Dorval ) and Pascale Renaud Hebert. An all-female quartet accompanying the master of ceremonies. And all this under the appreciative and amused gaze of the producer France Beaudoin, who always takes great care with her team.

It was an opportunity to discuss, like the Maestro, funny news in the news every week, but also – seriously or not – to talk about the pressures that are placed on teenagers in schools, about self-esteem and beauty, which the screenwriters ans ‘ hitting for talent in Hollywood and more broadly. Everyone contributed to this lively and friendly discussion.

With Anne Dorval, the presenter approached her new role as a grandmother “without wanting to fall in love with the people” he represented every day, which he also discovers since the birth of his grandson Milo, whom we also regularly see in Les’s sketches can Labrèshian. Then, to our greatest amusement, he proposes a game of “neither yes nor no” form that ends in disaster. The laughs are definitely there. Finally, the duo completes this reunion by pushing the song whose title we will present to you next Tuesday, a touching moment once again.

In doing so, we dreamed of a reunion for The Heart Has Its Reasons, while the current trend in television tends to bring back classics such as Ein Mann, ein Mädchen or soon La petite vie (in which Labrèche will once again become ). (a the unique and fluffy Pinson accompanied by his Creton). Wouldn’t it be great to reconnect with Brett, Brad, Brenda and Clifford Montgomery, Criquette and Ashley Rockwell and the others Ridge Taylor, Crystale Bouvier Montgomery, Becky Walters and Madge? Obviously, this is a wish expressed here, far from a real confirmation in this sense. The series will celebrate its 20th anniversary in 2025… need we say more?

It goes without saying that it is impressive to see Marc Labrèche working in his scarlet retro-chic decor, which infuses a good dose of improvisation, charisma and humor into each of his interventions. It’s nice to see him on this ever-evolving talk show bringing a little bit of happiness into our living rooms on Tuesday and Wednesday nights.

Note that in the same episode, an actress reprises her iconic role from the ’90s, with a hilarious result that evokes our nostalgic feelings.