Marc Ramsay helped Steven Butler channel his intensity

Marc Ramsay helped Steven Butler channel his intensity

MANTECA, CA | Steven Butler captured Janibek Alimkhanuly’s gaze for a full minute at Thursday’s press conference. That’s intensity.

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It’s necessary for a boxer, but you still need to know how to use it.

“Steven’s biggest opponent is himself,” argued his father Clint on Thursday morning. He began to see it, and in the last year he began to regain his identity, which he may have lost. It is vital.”

His trainer, Rénald Boisvert, has known him since his early days at the champions boxing club, and young Steven was like that from the age of 11 or 12.

“Steven has a very high intensity and he has to learn to control it. The more he controls it, the better he can use it and the better off he will be.

Help from Ramsay

If Steven Butler looks a little less like a geyser of emotions than in the past, it’s because he had help, explains Rénald Boisvert.

“Marc Ramsay was instrumental in helping her channel her energies. It’s his forte, calming boxers and helping them channel their intensity.

Steven Butler, now 27, has also matured as a man.

“Maturity is a catch-all term, but there is an encounter between the brain and the emotional and they understand each other,” explains Boisvert.

Manage the fight

For his part, Ramsay claimed he essentially acted as supervisor of the training camp because Rénald Boisvert did a good job at the sporting level.

Although this is his first collaboration with Butler, Ramsay quickly bonded with the boxer as they share similar stories.

As a result, there was a lot of talk between the two men about Butler managing his emotions well in the ring.

“While there is strength and emotion at the top level, it takes more. We talked, I explained to him how to deal with things. But we must not castrate the boxer, we need his rough and arrogant side, but we must face the moments with a plan of attack.