Marc Tanguay calls for the withdrawal of SME and energy

Marc Tanguay calls for the withdrawal of SME and energy files from Fitzgibbon

Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon is not giving the issues of SMEs and Quebec’s energy future the necessary importance, believes Quebec Liberal Party (PQL) interim leader Marc Tanguay, who is calling on Prime Minister François Legault to remove these files.

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The leader of the official opposition has therefore criticized the “superminister” for not doing anything to help thousands of SMEs in financial difficulties, all of which are currently being hit hard by inflation.

He recalled the statement by François Vincent, Vice-President for Quebec of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB), who confirmed on February 13 that their “data are unequivocal: the situation is worse than last year. Passport”.

CFIB bluntly believes that “the Quebec government is compounding the problem [à défaut d’aider] SMEs”. This failure is primarily that of Minister Pierre Fitzgibbon.

In addition, Mr. Tanguay claimed that Mr. Fitzgibbon carried out his duties with great “casualty.” The minister was unaware of his obligations under the Hydro-Québec Act, an unacceptable observation, he added.

“Apparently Mr. Fitzgibbon does not respect the Crown Corporation’s freedom of action and wants to impose his will on it. Furthermore, the fact that the CAQ government rejected the Liberal proposal to hold a true national consultation on Quebec’s energy future shows a lack of vision here too. […] Minister Fitzgibbon cannot be the sole decision-maker,” said the interim Liberal leader.

He added that “A minister cannot refuse to be ripped off for his actions and decisions. A minister must fulfill his full duty without relinquishing certain responsibilities he would consider [comme étant] secondary. Every minister, including Pierre Fitzgibbon, is accountable to Quebecers.”

Mr. Tanguay reiterated that the PLQ will not remain silent in the face of this situation. He is asking the Prime Minister to quickly appoint someone else to manage the SME and energy portfolios.