Marco Bellavia is forced to live like this after being

Marco Bellavia is forced to live like this after being bullied at GF Vip: e he is today, a year later tendendiviaggio

What happened to presenter Marco Bellavia after his adventure on “GF Vip”? This is how the face of Mediaset now lives on.

Born in 1964 and born in Milan, Marco Bellavia He gained great fame at the end of the 80s through his participation in the drama “Love me Licia”, followed by his successful experience as director of the children's program “Bim Bum Bam”.

From 2000 to 2022, the presenter only made sporadic appearances on the small screen, but in the same year he accepted the job in the cast of “GF Vip 7”, except then Cancel the program after just 13 days of stability.

However, his presence on the reality show did not go unnoticed, especially due to the psychological complaints accused by Bellavia under the cameras of Canale 5.

The Gieffino has actually shown increasing discomfort, and that Constant indifference towards his roommates They urged him to leave the show early. But what really happened in the Cinecittà loft?

Marco Bellavia and the adventure at “GF Vip 7”

The host made a triumphant entry into the house and initially developed a warm relationship with all of his adventure companions. However, after a few days, Marco Bellavia was discovered he wandered alone at night between the rooms of the attic and on many occasions he isolated himself from the rest of the force. Although he repeatedly tried to communicate his mental state to his roommates, he succeeded several times mocked and ridiculedespecially from Ginevra Lamborghini, Giovanni Ciacci and the actress Gegia.

Within days, his mental state caused such concern online that the hashtag X #iostoconmarco has shot to the top of trends. The public did not limit itself to demonstrating its solidarity with Marco Bellavia, but called on the authors of “GF Vip 7” to publish it strict measures intended for “bullies” and even goes that far Include program sponsors. However, despite the audience's affection, Marco Bellavia withdrew from the show and soon disappeared from television's radar. But how is he now?

Marco Bellavia's life after “GF Vip 7”

The moderator avoided getting too involved in the later exclusion of Ginevra Lamborghini from the “GF Vip” as well as the eliminations of Giovanni Ciacci and Gegia in the televoting. Instead, Marco Bellavia limited himself to that Emphasize the importance of mental healthand then decided to return to his role as father to young Filippo, born in 2007.

Currently Marco Bellavia would be carrying out the work of Mental trainer, as was also admitted in the presentation clip at “GF Vip 7”. He explained on his Instagram profile: “Life coaching is my job and it gives me great satisfaction because I love helping people“.

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