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Marco Liorni, death difficult to overcome: “…unfortunately gone”

Marco Liorni and death difficult to overcome, the story of his dramatic experience: here are the details and curiosities

Today he is a great conductor with a strong and sincere personality, who since childhood has cultivated the dream of the show: we talk about him, Marco Liorni. For some time now, his name has been associated with the well-known quiz game Reaction to Chain, a program that is very popular with the public and very often gets a good share. Unfortunately Marco Liorni, as much as we can always see him smiling and nice, also experienced a very dramatic situation that left everyone speechless.

Marco seriously Curiosities about Marco Liorni (web photo)

The great Marco Liorni, after the classic high school diploma, begins to cultivate the dream of the show, starting with the radio and television direction, first taking his first steps in some local radio stations until he achieves the big dream: to step on the stage of Rai and Sky .

As expected, since childhood, the great Marco Liorni always had very clear ideas about his future work, so much so that some time ago in an interview with the weekly newspaper Grazia he confessed: “From small I put a toy soldier in front of an open book (that was the scene), under a lightbulb (that was a spotlight) and forced my brother (who was the director) to play with me”.

In terms of love life, on the other hand, he is related Giovanna Astolfi and together they have two daughters Emma and Viola and a son, Nicolò. In an interview, he revealed that he struggled with the latter, but today the two finally found the right balance: “With Nicolò, who now lives alone, works and studies biotechnology, I regained a good relationship just a year ago after a difficult period. The dialogue between us is perhaps the most important thing today, we can talk about everything, from the things in life to everyday problems”.

Unfortunately, despite his talent, the great conductor Marco Liorni experienced a dramatic situation that changed him forever.

The drama witnessed by Marco Liorni

Mark smiles Drama like no other by Marco Liorni (web photo)

In a long interview published by Marco Liorni, one of the most popular conductors of Italian television and the Rai Company, he traced moments of his career and also recounted a dramatic interlude of his life.

The man himself said: “2014 after the death of my father, a very good psychologist helped me, who unfortunately is no longer here to overcome the traumas of my past with the Emdr method”.

The conductor then added: “That’s how I learned to live with grief and overcome it.”