Marco Mazzoli argues with Paolo Larm a clash between friends

Marco Mazzoli argues with Paolo Lärm, a clash between friends on the Isola dei Famosi: what happened

turningIsland of the Famous: Marco Mazzoli And Paul Noise they had one Fight. The two shipwreck They experienced a moment of tension when Mazzoli accused his friend of not paying attention to his needs. To be honest, the discussion started with a simple request from Mazzoli to his friend to do something together because he was bored and didn’t know how to pass the time. Paolo refused and so began the first argument between the two castaways. Let’s see what happened.

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“I’m the most active person in the world. Can I ever throw my life on a mat from me? “If I ask you for five minutes of your existence, am I asking a lot?” Mazzoli commented annoyed.

Shortly thereafter, the situation between the two castaways worsens. Paolo Noise revealed annoyed by his friend’s comments: “Feed me into the process because I wanted to relax?” I’ve taken care of your needs. I brought myself here because I snore and I know it can bother you. You were bored today and since I wanted to sit quietly and think, it broke you.”

Marco Mazzoli had previously confided to the editors of Isola dei Famosi that he had become impatient with his friend because he was bored and would like to think of something else to do together.

“If you sleep all day, I’ll fuck you,” Mazzoli concluded. Will the two castaways be able to sort it out? We just have to wait.

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