Marcos Mions replacement is someone who has been popular with

Marcos Mion’s replacement is someone who has been popular with for years

Marcos Mion’s successor has been someone popular with Globo for years

The host Marcos Mion is one of the leading names in globe and achieved great fame when he took command boileron Saturdays, and a name already popular on the network is its official replacement.

Ultimately, due to the program agenda, the communicator must disregard other attractions that he has ordered, most notably in the GloboPlaywith some exclusive streaming reality shows

Marcos Mion was the host of Túnel do Amor, but he had less and less time to direct the reality show and was replaced by Ana Clarawho is already loved and appreciated by everyone behind the scenes.

Marcos Mion is now one of the channel's main communicators (Reproduction: Globo)Marcos Mion is now one of the channel’s main communicators (Reproduction: Globo)

Recall that the presenter appeared while attending Big Brother Brasil and soon after began presenting a few blocks from Brazil’s mostwatched house, gaining even more space at the Rio train station.

Ana Clara was also responsible for presenting the Lollapalooza single which aired in March and featured full coverage of all the shows taking place in São Paulo at the Interlagos Circuit.

Marcos Mion

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Marcos Mion at the Tem Ou Não Tem do Caldeirão in Globo (Photo: Reproduction  Globo)

The courageous attitude of Marcos Mion to leave the channel with astronomical content and to put an end to the competition

Lúcio Mauro Filho was moved "Meet" (Photo: Reproduction/TV Globo)

Lúcio Mauro Filho cries with a message from Mion at the meeting and needs help from the poet with water: “Slutty”

The presenters have mastered Rock in Rio together and surely the former BBB is the official chosen one to replace Marcos Mion at his attractions when Caldeirão’s schedule prevents him from attending.

Ana Clara responsible for Tunnel of Love (Reproduction: Multishow)Ana Clara responsible for Tunnel of Love (Reproduction: Multishow)

How old is Ana Clara?

The presenter, who found success thanks to her participation in Big Brother Brasil, rose to popularity behind the scenes at Globo and is now 26 years old.

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