Mare Fuori 3 spoilers for the first episodes But a

Mare Fuori 3 spoilers for the first episodes: But a video makes fans turn up their noses Velvet Mag

Mare Fuori 3 will land on Rai Play with the first six episodes in preview while it will debut in plain language on February 15th. Numerous novelties await fans of the series, but some of them do not seem to be particularly appreciated.

It cannot be defined otherwise than as A wonder: This is sea ​​outpreparing to debut with the Season #3. The series – also thanks to the addition to the catalogue Netflix – has actually succeeded in a seemingly impossible task: to bring general television closer to young viewers, with high-quality content and well-thought-out texts at the base.

Mare Fuori 3 what will happen in the new episodesMare Fuori 3, Curiosities and Spoilers on the New Upcoming Season (ANSA/RAI) – VelvetMag

The events of young prisoners in a juvenile detention center near Naples kept viewers glued to the small screen. And now the series is gearing up to do that Debut on RaiPlay within first six episodes – available on the platform of February 1st – and free to air on Rai Due February 15It’s time to rearrange your ideas.

While new and significant advances have been leaked following the press preview – also reported by Vanity Fair – a clip has surfaced on social media over the past few days. However, the latter doesn’t seem to have gotten the hoped-for response from the show’s fans. So basically What can we expect from Mare Fuori 3?

Mare Fuori 3, the news of the Rai Due Event series: the return of Ciro

The direction entrusted Ivan SilvestriniMare Fuori 3 seems – according to the pages of Vanity Fair – to look so much into the past that it starts its narrative at a flashback. And here comes one of the show’s most popular characters, for better or for worse, Cyrus Ricci (Jacob George) died in the previous episodes at the hands of “Chiattillo”, ie Philip Ferrari (Nicholas Maupas), although Carmine was accused of his murder (Massimiliano Caiazzo). The scene in question has strong symbolic value as it represents a kind of “handover” between Cyrus and (Maria Esposito), already presented at the end of the previous season. The latter, Ciro’s sister, has actually arrived in prison to find out the truth and avenge her brother.

The “Cringissimo” video and some spoilers

The scene in question has been the focus of some controversy. In the offending excerpt we actually see a moment of tenderness between Rosa and her late brother. In the said clip, which is set up as a sort of memory, the girl can be heard asking her interlocutor, “It’s a problem when you lose your head over the wrong one. […] Then tell me which one is the right one.

Sea Out 3 what will happenMare Fuori 3, some spoilers for the upcoming new season (ANSA/RAI) – VelvetMag

For his part, the boy replies: “A boy who loves you as you are, who is willing to die for you. If I like it, it’s the right thing.” It all ends with a hug at the end of which the camera pulls away from her face and then returns to the boy’s and discovers it’s… Carmine. There new understanding introduced between the two, in a way altogether unexpectedly and to use the language more similarly GenZwinceShe doesn’t seem to have taken the favor of the viewers.

So is Ciro’s contribution in Mare Fuori 3 reduced to that? Or will it return in more flashbacks from time to time? In the meantime, we know that the series will reserve multiple effective shots from the very first episodes: in particular, we witness a red light scene which will affect Philip, who recently fled with Naditza (Valentin Romani). In addition, some new entries are also expected in the next episodes, e.g Lucrezia Guidone and the chat Emma Good – ex Pupa de La Pupa and the Secchione Show – who was supposed to play the role of a crook. At the same time, it is also known that a place will also be given in the third season gay love story.