Maria Corina Machado asks to raise her voice against Nicolas

María Corina Machado asks to raise her voice against Nicolás Maduro and denounces "political persecution"

In an increasingly tense political climate, María Corina Machado, leader and representative of the Venezuelan opposition, has made an urgent call to the international community and citizens inside and outside Venezuela to raise their voices against the measures that the regime is taking against democracy. Despite a political disqualification that lasts until 2036, the presidential candidate continues to fight vigorously and condemn the actions of Nicolás Maduro's government, which she says violate fundamental rights and freedom of expression.

The situation in the lowlands has become critical; there are constant complaints about the persecution and criminalization of opponents of the regime. That's why the leader of Come Venezuela, To bring these abuses to light, he used various platforms to spread his message and called on Venezuelans around the world to mobilize against the injustices committed by the ruling government.

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Is María Corina calling on Machado to march against the government of Nicolás Maduro?

María Corina Machado's response to the political situation in Venezuela was firm and clear. They have called for action through statements and public demonstrations on their social networks. She has called on the Venezuelan people at home and abroad to raise their voices against the government's repressive policies. This mobilization aims to create international and local pressure that will lead to significant changes in the Caribbean country.

Maria Corina Machado asks to raise her voice against NicolasMaría Corina Machado asks to raise your voice on the streets. Photo: LR/X composition

“Because today, February 25, we leave no one behind, I invite you to mobilize around the world and raise your voice against persecution and criminalization in Venezuela. Every political prisoner, their freedom and their families are at the heart of our fight. “We will never do that.” “Leave them alone,” he said political leader in his official X.

What is María Corina Machado's complaint against Nicolás Maduro?

In addition to criticizing the political exclusion that has been imposed on her from holding public office for 15 years, the opposition leader also pointed directly at the Nicolás Maduro regime for, in her opinion, a systematic strategy of persecution and repression of all its supporters tracked . Allies.

María Corina Machado has placed particular emphasis on the situation of political prisoners. He has argued that his freedoms and rights are being blatantly violated, reflecting the decline of democracy Venezuela.

1708929560 190 Maria Corina Machado asks to raise her voice against NicolasMaría Corina Machado assures that she will fight against Nicolás Maduro's regime. Photo: LR/X composition

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What accusation did Diosdado Cabello make against the opposition?

On the other hand, God given hair, A prominent Chavismo figure made accusations against the opposition, claiming it was trying to destabilize the country through violence and conspiracies. These statements have heightened the atmosphere of political confrontation and reveal the deep division and governance crisis facing the country. Venezuela.


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