Maria De Filippi embarrassed quotWe want argumentsquot What39s cooking

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Maria De Filippi and the wishes of the publicMaria De Filippi – Source: Instagram –

It is unknown whether Maria De Filippi will listen to the public's pleas, but the problem is clear: she misses them. Something could be cooking, which is why many would like to know what will happen from now on?

Maria De Filippias it always is multitasking, as he deals with men and women and at the same time also with Amici and You've Got Mail. Ask and it will rarely be given to you and Maria doesn't work achieve what you set out to do.

One of his programs follows an exact television line, but apparently does not excite the whole audience. There they claim loudly and we don't know exactly what De Filippi will decide, but something is certain could change.

Here is the request for Maria De Filippi

For her, Maria De Filippi moves forward like “a train”. professional career. After everything that happened Maurizio Costanzothe presenter has probably decided to focus between one sentence and another, e.g do not think so to. However, what we read on social media has caught the eye of those who have always followed Queen Mary a difference since her husband's death.

Mary is always Mary, but a a little sadderMany people feel this feeling. It will need them Time to find balance in his new life. In the meantime, he's carrying on between shows as usual Share tips very high regarding the Mediaset schedule. Among other things, many are curious to see how many viewers he can captivate to the television as a result You have mail of January 27, in which the special guest will be a certain doctor from Rai? Obviously we're talking about the big stuff Luca Argentero.

Everyone wants it back

But some followers don't stick around complain from You've Got Mail, but from men and womenbecause many are demanding the return of jewel. A Trailer He wrote on Twitter: “Give me something back the arguments between Tina and Gemma instead of looking at that throne. According to the tweet in question, which we will report on below, the sharing When Gemma is there, she is there much higher When she is absent, it becomes clear how important the lady is loved from the public.

Fans are therefore almost certain to assume that Gemma will be there soon will come back have a voluntary position a men and womensince he lives a little now in the shadows. These are of course just speculations. What will decide Maria De Filippi? We'll find out in the next few episodes.

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